Sunbonnet Sue & Sam Will Be Released Wednesday…

Sue and Sam In RussiaLike it or not, I know I am running late again, unfortunately, this is due to a little issue with EQ and my not having my embroidery designs folder also.

I went to create the patterns last week, and my Russian Sue in the p7e file was half drawn and Sam was totally missing along with the December’s Sue and Sam and the other three countries yet to be released for the full Flickr Award when you finish all 24 free patterns. I have been working pretty diligently since the weekend to get them redrawn with a different trick in EQ to get them to save. I guess my laptop doesn’t like EQ anymore, even went and bought a new laptop, but I am waiting on EQ to send me a new cd so I can reinstall it on that laptop. Until then the work is going pretty slowly and I do apologize, but their is just nothing I can do. The moving issues have to come first and this comes second.

Update, I apologize, this post was meant to note that I would release on Nov 16, we won’t have internet after this morning until Tuesday Nov 15, I just couldn’t get them to come sooner, so I can’t release until next Wednesday. My apologies for the confusion.

On a side note, we do have a home, are signing the lease Thursday and we can move in on Friday. We’ll have to get by on rental furniture until our stuff arrives in December, but just to be out of this stuffy hotel will be real nice. We are looking for a new car this week, and hopefully we will have something by Friday when we have to turn in the rental car. Figures that I want a minivan and my hubby wants something small… 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to keep you aprised and I should be able to get these released sometime tomorrow for you. I am again sorry you’ve had to wait and those of you waiting on FlickR rewards, I really will try to get to them soon.

You’ll also want to be watching closely, I have some special announcements coming over the next week also. You definitely do not want to miss them.


6 thoughts on “Sunbonnet Sue & Sam Will Be Released Wednesday…

  1. Totally ok, this gives me time to get caught up with the last two months and then figure out how to get the pictures on twitter for the extra ones.

  2. absolutely. No worries. WOOHOO for signing and moving into a more permanent/private place. Have fun. Hope the car issue works out. May be go in-between and get an SUV? LOL

  3. no worries, sometimes life gets in the way. 🙂 We lived in a hotel for 2 weeks before we found a place, I know what your going through.

  4. I am happy that you are here! Moving is always a pain. I can’t imagine what it was like coming all the way from Italy. Glad you have a house to move into.

  5. Awesome! Can’t wait to see what they are! On the new car, go for something that travels in snow. 🙂 Glad you’re here!!

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