Super Powers Are Here Today!!!

What Is Your Super Power?Now see, when I want to hide, what I created, I use the blog hop picture on my main home page.. 🙂 So you’ll have to step inside to see what I did.. hehehe

I’d like to thank Madam Samm, DMC and Pauline for sponsoring this Blog Hop.

Like some of you, I to have a hard time trying to decide what to do. Trying to decide what your super power is without really bragging about it is difficult.

However, I managed to find something I think I’m good at… so come on in and make my day!!!

So like some of you may have decided, perhaps your Super Power is sewing.

I think one of mine is sewing.

Super Power Sewing Machine

The sewing machine was drawn and created by me.. believe it or not, I actually drew it.. shocked me to.

So certainly I could be good at something else…

I think I am.

I also think I’m good at seams..

So, I made me some seams as well.

Super Power Seams

The seams in this block are actual seams, where I stitched the wrong sides together at 5/8″ seam allowances (so they’d show up big) and then I created the little logo to go with it.

So, I was thinking what can I do with these two blocks, and then it occurred to me,

I also think I’m fairly good at doing websites, after all, I’ve been doing them for nearly 20 years now.

Not that I know everything and there are things I simply don’t understand, but I can put a site together at least.. so, I created this…

Super Powers Wallhanging 2

It’s the name of my domain. Cool Eh!!

All artwork with the exception of the bee was drawn by me.

Blocks created in Electric Quilt, and then digitized in Bernina Designer Plus Software.

Artwork for the Bee is from The Graphics Shoppe. (Site Link No Longer Working as of 12/26/2014).

I’m sew happy you stopped in today, and please be sure you stop at the other sites today who are also participating.



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44 Responses to Super Powers Are Here Today!!!

  1. Very clever ode to your SuperPower. Thank you sew very much for Hopping…

  2. AvatarLJ says:

    Really cute and looks like you spent some quality time deciding your superpowers.

  3. So FUN and creative! Way to go!

  4. AvatarCorrie says:

    That’s the best superpower! Nice job.

  5. AvatarHeidi says:

    Great job! I like how you included several superpowers 🙂

  6. AvatarJan says:

    Very clever to make a project to match your blog name. Too cute.

  7. AvatarCharlene says:

    Your wall hanging is so clever! Great super power!

  8. AvatarPam in IL says:

    Clever! You’ve got some great superpowers and display them very well!

  9. Hahaha, that is sew clever! Thank you for sharing, and I do love the sewing machine, it looks great.

  10. AvatarDoris Rice says:

    It SEAMS to me you are SEW creative. I do believe you’ve got your SUPERPOWER down pat. Very cute project and SEW very you!

  11. AvatarJudy says:

    Hi Marian
    Yes, these are the superpowers we just love :-)) Well done! I don’t have an embroidery machine, so I dunno understand quite a lot about digitalizing etc, but nevertheless, you did a great job!

  12. AvatarPauline says:

    Marian, you have superpowers indeed…stitching and creating with a computer. The wall hanging is sEw creative…luv the sewing machine!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Happy stitching, Pauline

  13. AvatarMara says:

    Fantastic job on your SuperPower, your drawing superpower is pretty awesome too, love the sewing machine.

  14. AvatarLinda J says:

    It looks terrific, Marian! Looks like you were having a fun time creating your sewing machine and the seams, seams, seams piece! Definitely a superpower. THX for sharing with us today.

  15. AvatarMarcy says:

    You DO have superpowers. Great design and wonderful stitching.

  16. Very clever. I like the pun very much and the little mini hanging is just right for your sewing room.

  17. Avatarevelyn says:

    Love your mini. Great superpower.

  18. AvatarLana says:

    Very cute! Love the sewing machine and the Seams… 🙂 Great Superpower!

  19. How clever and cute!! Great job!

  20. How clever and cute! Great job!!

  21. Oh so cute. I think you did a great jog and have many Super Powers!

  22. AvatarCarol says:

    You certainly have a great superpower with your creation that is just beautiful. I love your seams piece and how you did it on the wrong side…very creative thinking!

  23. AvatarJoan says:

    Oh I just love it. Don’t forget your super power of sharing too! Thanks for all you do!

  24. AvatarJoan says:

    Oh, I just love it, and your super sharing too! Thanks for all you do!

  25. AvatarBrenda says:

    Seems that your powers all seam up together in major creativity — a real superpower that you ought to claim loudly!

  26. AvatarMarlene says:

    What a cute idea Marian – a mini for your blog name! Now you’ve got me thinking….blessings, marlene

  27. Avatarmdm samm says:

    now how lovely is this…now go and rest, sewing for 2 full weeks…everyone needs a rest now and then…even from our superpowers

  28. Love how your plan came together in the end. Great job!

  29. Thanks for sharing your superpower with us and such a cute project…glad I am sharing this day with you today 🙂

  30. AvatarBea says:

    adorable! love it

  31. Very clever and very cute!

  32. AvatarShari says:

    Ha, ha, sew very cute. Great project and so SUPER!

  33. AvatarElizabeth says:

    Your project is sew clever, and you certainly do have super powers!

  34. AvatarAnita says:

    Cute wall hanging!

  35. AvatarSharon says:

    Your superpower is wonderful. Drawing is not my thing but you have done wonderful….what fun.

  36. AvatarSusan in OK says:

    What a great project to showcase your superpower! You do a marvelous job of sewing in many ways. You are sew generous to share your creations with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am always anxious to see what you have created.

  37. AvatarJan says:

    I love your Seams 2 Bee sew mini. Great superpower! Thank you for sharing
    xo jan

  38. AvatarCarla says:

    You do have superpowers. That sewing machine is very cool. I love that you created your domain. Very superpowerish.

  39. Stitching super powers, very nice little mini!

  40. AvatarJudy B. says:

    What a wonderful little quilt and yes you do have Superpowers and some to spare! Thank you for sharing.

  41. AvatarTheres says:

    Very clever and cute!

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