Sure Cuts Alot v5 Is Released…

Sure Cuts Alot 5Zooming onto the scene today came Sure Cuts Alot version 5. This new version has so many great new features it’s well worth the $24.99 cost to upgrade your software. Of course, if you don’t own SCAL, it is well worth the price in the first place at 75.00 (normally on sale at around 60.00).  While I don’t make it a habit to use SCAL to create my SVG files, I do use the software once in awhile especially when I don’t want use Brother Canvas and just want to create my Brother SNC FCM file quickly. Yep, SCAL creates SNC FCM files, but it already did this in version 4.

One of IMHO, the best features of the new upgraded version is a technique called nesting. I first saw this in Silhouette Designer Pro, when a new level was announced with the ability to bring your machine embroidery designs into the software to make your cut files for applique designs. I loved it, but at the time, you had to save files in .studio format only, no ability to export out to SVG, so the nesting feature was of no value to me. Ever since I’ve tried to think of ways to do it and was actually thinking of upgrading my designer pro edition to the business level so that I could export to SVG, but I’ve held off doing it. With today’s release of SCAL 5, nesting is now included and I am happy, happy, happy.

What is nesting? Nesting is taking the shapes on the mat and conglomerating them into the smallest amount of space possible.

SCAL's Nesting Feature

I’ve made a video on this ability so you can see how it is done with freezer paper and with fabric.

Look at it this way, if you own Sure Cuts Alot, you can take my SVG files from my patterns, open SCAL and nest them to use the least amount of space possible. This is a huge huge reason to purchase the software on this alone because the amount of fabric and freezer paper you save will soon pay for your software.

Other Great Videos released today are from Jen Blausey and ScrappyDew Creations which explain more about the other great features added to the new version.
Jen’s Video’s

Image TRACE function in NEW SCAL5 Brother ScanNCut Jen Blausey
SCAL5 sure cuts a lot 5 new features for Brother ScanNCut Jen Blausey
Use of New Project & Pages SCAL5 Brother ScanNCut Jen Blausey
PES & Embroidery applique Files with SCAL5 Brother ScanNCut Jen Blausey

I hope you enjoy this great new ability

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  1. I’m glad I got here today. I’ve not bought SCAL yet but know I’m going to with this nesting feature. So happy to know I can take your files now and nest and cut them. The other resources will be helpful, too.

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