12 Days of Christmas Day 04

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D04

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D04

Welcome to Day 04 of 12 Days of Christmas.

I definitely enjoyed the emails yesterday and the laughs I got from them… some of you wanting to know the big surprise… Well I’ve decided… I’ll give you a hint… more on that later… 🙂 (evil grin) 🙂

So, today, Janeen has released Block 10, which is the cute little reindeer frolicking thru the snow.. (maybe it’s a dog, sorry Janeen, it’s 1:13am I am tired) .. hehe

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12 Days of Christmas Day 03 – Block 01

12 Days of Christmas D03

12 Days of Christmas D03Please keep in mind, these downloads are for 24 hours only. After that, you’ll have to purchase the individual files you missed.

Both Janeen and I will put up the individual downloads for you to get, in case, you missed any previous days. Please be patient, like you, we have real lives, it’s Christmas time, so we are both busy, and we both have other obligations that need to be fulfilled. Me… I just want my stuff to arrive already… I want my fabric, my sewing stuff, my pots and pans… clothing… wow, all my favorite sweaters.. packed away, just waiting to be used… and I wearing the same two sweaters over and over… sigh!!

Today, I am releasing Gingerbread Snowman and the bench you see in the above image… The top of the mailbox you see at the bottom of the image will be released with block 5.

We have a BIG announcement coming for you Wednesday, it’s… really BIG… I don’t know how I’m going to keep it quiet … honest… it’s HUGE.. HUGE… I mean like.. really BIG.. 🙂

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12 Days of Christmas Day 02

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D02

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D02I heard some wonderful remarks yesterday about what you thought of the Gingerbread village Janeen and I have created for you. I promise, it’s only going to get better…

If you didn’t realize it… Janeen had 2 files for you to download yesterday. She has the full set of instructions with all the color charts available. I do not know if she will keep these up for you to download for all 12 days or not, but if you didn’t download it, be sure you grab that file if she still has it available to or you won’t know everything you need to about all the blocks.

For a short time today, my giftbox and lollipop will still be free, once I wake up today tho, they no longer will be free.

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12 Days of Christmas Day 01

12 Days 2016 Day 01

12 Days 2016 Day 01

Today is the start of this really fun event that Janeen at Quilt Art and I have been cooking up for months now.

She did the background, and I’ve done the foreground.

Each day for the next 12 days, we will bring you a new background a new foreground block. We’ll try to sync our releases for the same time, but because we are a 8 hour time zone difference away, they may not always sync, so you might need to come back.

There may also be times when their are still two free patterns up, this will be because of 24 hours not finishing on the day old pattern yet, We both are committed to keeping the patterns available for 24 hours, so you will need to visit each day for the next 12 days. We will NOT give a free pattern after the 24 hours are up for the previous patterns. Please don’t ask us to.

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Happy Thanksgiving and 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days Of Christms 2016

12 Days Of Christms 2016I had so hoped to be able to post while at my sisters this past week, but alas, the internet connection on this laptop was so slow that it was even impossible to just post on Facebook. So I do apologize for not getting this up before now… On my new laptop, I couldn’t even get the connection to work, but when we got home today, it connected right up.. go figure..

However, as I mentioned in my last post, Janeen at Quilt Art and I have come up with a very fun project for you to play and have fun with in your future spare time.

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Russia/Iceland/Netherlands Released…



sam-and-sue-in-russia-iceland-and-netherlandsSue and Sam in Russia and Iceland are released. The Russian patterns are your free patterns for November, and Iceland is the Flickr Reward for November.

I’ve thrown in a Bonus Block this month, The Netherlands is also now available for purchase.

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