Today Is Furry Friday with TQPM and Island Batiks and more News…

Furry Fridays

Furry FridaysLast month, you may remember my post about Island Batik’s February project for our little Furry Friends with the Kennel Quilts.

What I’d forgotten to note in that post was that the free pattern I gave away has both the Catfish and the Dog Bone in the same pattern on Craftsy.

But in the last week or so, the really nice surprise came in my email with the patterns I created getting created by Lisa P.

She is new to quilting, but she is dropping the kennel quilts she made at her local kennel. How cool is that.. wanna see them… have a look…

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Four Years Today…

stbs-2017-4th Blog Birthday-b-small

stbs-2017-4th Blog BirthdayIt’s amazing to think that four years ago today I opened my blog. I’ve noted several times over the past four years that I started this blog mainly because I was going to participate in a blog hop for Electric Quilt that Bea was hosting. The thing is, I had already been planning to open a blog, I owned this domain already, and it needed a new plan or I was just going to let it go… I had already been working to start quilting again, we’d just moved to a new home in Italy after having lived what is known as “on the economy” in military terms. We had moved to base housing as an opportunity arose for us to do so and it was much less expensive to live there than on the economy.

I loved living in that home, it was hard to leave it last October. However, I’m not sorry we moved back to the states, we are definitely happy to be home. I’m close to my family, Frank is close to his and we are essentially home here in Colorado.

I’d like to thank all of my followers and visitors and especially my friends that I have made over the years, because of opening this blog. So, I have a free pattern for you today that you can download until Sunday, April 10, 2017.

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