Black Tie Blog Hop… Second Day = My Day!!

My Little Country HenLovin This Turkey!!Country RoosterI’ve been anticipating this blog hop since I first signed up for it.  At the time, I was at a sheer loss as to what black tie’s had to do with turkeys, chickens, hens, and roosters. Alas, I got to work looking for inspiration on what I could make. Suffice it to say, when I find the artwork, I simply couldn’t decide what I liked more, so I did 3 blocks. While all the blocks themselves are around 9-inches finished, they main design of the block is only about 6-inches square with the exception of the rooster which is a 6×9 block. Continue reading

It’s My Day For The Autumn Appliqued Animals EQ Blog Hop

2013-10 Fall Cow With Pumpkin2013-10 stbs-Fall CowIt’s been fun to create this pattern for those visiting this blog hop. I thought I picked a pretty simple pattern, but it turns out it was far more complicated than I thought it was going to be.

There are many parts to this pattern, the templates alone for the 12 inch block take up 3 pages in the pdf file.

Instead of creating a how to draw this pattern, I chose to do some helfpul hints for using EQ instead. These help me on a daily basis, and I hope you will enjoy the different videos I’ve created for this hop. I tried to keep them pretty small, but so far none are over 20 minutes long and most are less than 5 minutes.

Artwork for this block is from

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Wicked 3 Is Here!!!

Wicked 3Wicked 3 is here and I am super excited. It’s always fun to participate in a blog hop, however, some of them you just look more forward to than others. Whether I’m participating in one or not, I look forward to them all, but Halloween is a special time of year. I don’t know many people who haven’t experienced Halloween that don’t love that time of year. Halloween for me reminds me of many things in life, summer is over, and fall is here with winter fast approaching. It reminds me of my sister who decorates for Halloween as if it was Christmas. It also reminds me of all the fun I had as a child with trick or treating. In those days, you went trick or treating on the day of Halloween with the exception of sundays when we did it on Halloween Eve instead (saturday night). There weren’t any silly limits like now a days, hearing of drugged up treats or other nasty horrible things were just not done and it still saddens me that these things could happen. Of course, about the only thing I dislike intensely about Halloween is horror movies. I’ve never liked them, it doesn’t have to be Halloween, I still won’t go see one.

If you’d like to see the participating sites, this post will be updated daily to show those sites participating. Come and Enjoy the fun, even if you don’t have Halloween in your country, you can still appreciate the fun and amazing adventures it does entail. My day is October 29, and I have something very fun stirring in my pot for you.

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What a great week this is going to be!!!

Autumn Appliqued Animals EQ Blog HopIf you love Electric Quilt, you’ll love this blog hop. Once again, Bea brings us another EQ Blog Hop, fun, and perfect with a Fall theme. Come Join These Great Sites over the next few days to see what fun things they are up to in Electric Quilt. Don’t forget to drop in Wednesday October 24, 2013 to see what I have cooked up for you to.

Even better you could win…



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