Have A Latte Starts Here…

Have A Latte I’ve been looking forward to this blog hop since I first signed up for it. I absolutely LOVE coffee, with my cream and my Equal.. I’m set to go. I am not a one cup coffee drinker, or just a two, I don’t do caffeine free coffees either. I drink easily a pot of coffee a day. We have a Kuerig and I have my first cup with the Kuerig first thing in the morning while I set the coffee pot to brew. My favorite coffee is Donut House Coffee, but I’m also fond of Folgers Black Silk. Continue reading

Little Treasures November 2014

LT11-2014wbWell she’s finally online and ready for you to download…

Little Treasures November 2014 was created by Marian Pena and the artwork was purchased at Graphics and Graphics.

She was drawn in Electric Quilt and the embroidery created in Bernina Designer Edition.

This is like all the others a 15-Inch block.

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We Support You Drops In Today…

We Support You Blog HopI didn’t have to think about this one, the moment I saw it announced at Sew We Quilt, I knew I wanted to participate. It’s a good thing at the moment that I don’t have anyone personal close to me who has cancer, but I know what it is like to see someone go thru it. My grandmother was a huge part of my life and one of my biggest inspirations when I was a child. Growing up, I can remember her living with various health problems as she got older. She to went thru breast cancer in her early 60’s. She seemed to come thru it at the time quite well and I don’t ever remember with all her health issues of her ever complaining even one moment of pain she was suffering. Continue reading

My Gift To You – Happy Easter

stbs-sewing machineWhile I am aware that not everyone celebrates the Easter holidays, consider this my gift to you because I treasure this time of year. Spring is in the air, and with it comes a sense of renewal and refreshment of the year. At least I see it that way anyway. Enjoy this pattern I offer you. It comes in a zigzag machine embroidery stitch needing a hoop of at least 6.08 wide, and 9-Inch height. For hand and machine appliquers, this pattern has also been created in a 12-Inch block size for you. Eqers, this pattern is free for you to create in any size you like. Continue reading