How To Upload To Flickr and Add To A Group

How To Upload To Flickr

flickrHeya Everyone,

I’m feeling pretty much like a dork for not showing ya’ll how to upload to Flickr. I’ll be honest tho, until this weekend, I had absolutely no idea myself on how to do it. You’d think with EQ Seasons last year that I would have known, but I must have just lucked out with the blocks I did upload. So without further ado, here is a quick how to do it.

First, you must have a yahoo id and login. You can’t login to Flickr without one.

Once you are logged in, it will take you to your “feed” wall, which is usually people who are following. If your not following anyone else, it will show you miscellaneous feeds until you start following some people. It will also show you your activity.

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