No Reply Bloggers, Commenting & Some ChitChat..

Commenting 101

Commenting 101

By no means and I going to sit here and tell you that I know everything there is to know about No Reply Bloggers.. Frankly, I don’t..

And now, I find myself doing the one type of post I said to myself I’d never do.. 

By nature, or just general all around being me… I am not big on commenting at blogs. I tend to be to honest, to opinionated, and generally if I love it, I really love it and that’s when you’ll get a comment from me.. It’s when my opinion is different that gets me in to trouble.. but that’s for another day.. Generally I rarely comment unless I found something useful to say about the post. I’m not a shy person by any means, I just prefer to not comment if I can’t think of something to say, and generally if I don’t like it, I absolutely do not say the opposite.. I just move on and forget about that post. As I think all should.. so I’m not big on commenting. I love getting them and I try to reply to most of the ones I get on my own blog. I don’t reply to every comment tho and not that there are generally a lot of comments, but how do you respond to a “That’s so cute, I love it” other than Thank You… it’s a question to me of .. should I say thank your or not…  When it’s a question, I’ve always replied.

Their in lies the krutch tho.. as a WordPress user, People have to put their emails into the box to make a comment. Thus, they become a commenter I can reply to. What I don’t know is if they use a real email address, but if your asking a question on anyone’s blog, lets hope that you’ve given an email address one can reply to.

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