Coastal Mist Blog Hop Comes Here Today!!

Island Batik Coastal Blog Hop

Island Batik Coastal Blog HopThe journey to participate in this blog hop has been interesting to say the least… It’s been months since I was first asked by Tammy from Tamarini’s to participate in this event. I was to have my project ready for Fall Market in Houston and because I was in Italy the box took forever to arrive with the fabrics… It was sent via priority mail express, but still for some reason took 3 1/2 weeks to arrive which almost never happens with priority mail when going to US military bases.. It takes 2 weeks for normal priority mail, and 1 week for priority mail express. The only reason it would take longer is if for some reason customs might decide to hold on to it.

I really love the fabrics that Island Batik provided for this event. They are a new line that came out last Fall 2016 called Coastal Mist.

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