What’s Happening ? Sew Sew Much!!!

NQA Day 2016

I’ve got sew many things to post about today that I am feeling a bit on the I hope I remember it all side…

I’m just going to do a post of coming events… Monday  – Februay 1st, is Sunnet Sue or Sam In Mexico (care to venture a guess which one I’ll release first 🙂 Leave me a comment..

Nuts About – will start Thursday – February 4, 2016.. Each day a chance to win 2 different prizes in giveaways by The Fat Quarter Shop and Any Pattern.com.  Twenty two amazing bloggers are going to post wonderful projects to let us know what they are Nuts About!! See the schedule here. Be sure you drop in here at Seams To Be Sew to pick up your daily free pattern during the hop.

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Are YOU A Little Bit Quilt Qwazy?

stbs-Quilt Qwazy Queens BH-2

Quilt Qwazy QueensI know I am? Are you? I have a few friends whom I know are.. They are hoping you will join with me and show your Quilt Qwazy side.

I am of the firm belief that all of us in some way or another are just a little bit qwazy. As quilters, we are qwazy about fabric, notions, the latest techniques, to wash or not to wash, going to quilt shows, and we go qwazy even over old Singer machines and at the same time, we want the latest and greatest machine.. The great and amazing thing about quilting is that we all have the same love. That’s what this blog hop is all about.

In honor of National Quilting Day which comes on March 19, 2016 this year, Quilt Qwazy Queens has been created as a way for us to express our own qwaziness thru our love of quilting.

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Meet Sonya, From Any Pattern…


Tiger eyesLast month, I was wandering around Craftsy, doing a search, I forget now for what.. when I came upon some patterns that caught my eye.. So I took a look and discovered this pattern designer that I just absolutely fell in love with.

Turns out her name is Sonya, and she comes from a Stained Glass background, and is converting her patterns from stained glass to applique. She has some really amazing patterns. This one to the left is one of them.

I purchased a few of the ones I liked, and then I visited her website, where I found the ability to contact her and let her know how much I loved her patterns and that I would be back to buy some more of them. Sonya also sells her patterns on Craftsy, so if you prefer purchasing them their, you can find them their to. She has several free patterns you can have a look at also.

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Nuts About Blog Hop Schedule…

stbs-Nuts About

stbs-Nuts About

I know it seems very early to post this, but once it’s up, it’s their for ya’ll to plan your schedules for the great blogs being featured each day.

This hop is going to be so much fun and I do hope your planning to join us. You won’t want to miss out on The Fat Quarter Shop giveaways, the free patterns, and the sheer amount of fun that our “Nutty” bloggers have in store for you..

Be sure to make your plans to stop in each day from February 4, to February 10th.

So without further ado.. here’s the list..

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Nuts About Blog Hop Coming Soon…

stbs-Nuts About

stbs-Nuts About

Coming soon is the Nuts About Blog Hop.. If you’ve read what it’s all about you’ll know it’s not just about Valentines Day, but is also about what we are “Nuts” about..

I know some fun projects are in store from our “Nutty” quilters who are creating projects for this hop and they are very excited to show you what they have come up with.

I to am very excited to announce a few things about this hop..

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One New BOTM, One QAL, and One Continuing BOTM…

Sew Fresh Quilts Christmas Sweaters QAL

Lookie, Lookie, Lots of Fun Coming for Everyone.. Nancy Zieman is giving us a new BOTM this year, and it looks great.. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do.

Janeen at Quilt Art is continuing her Bitty Block series. This is a fun paper piece BOTM, which occurs each month, and Janeen always does some really cool blocks. I have followed this one since she started it and am glad to see she’s going to continue it in 2016.

Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts has come up with a fabulous new Quilt Along and it’s a great quilt. I love the idea of it, she has placed traditional blocks inside as the sweater decoration. This looks really fun and I will definitely be following it.

All three of these new fun events have been added to my BOTM page and my sidebar BOTM displays on the right side of this page.

Don’t miss these really cool BOTMs and Lorna’s very fun QAL, which btw, starts next monday.


The Top 5 Best of 2015 At Seams To Be Sew…

2015's Best..

2015's Best..

2015 has been a year of achievements for Seams To Be Sew.. Prior to 2015, the most I could say I’d accomplished with my blog were the Little Treasures Block of the Month, and participation in blog hops along with the various tutorials I’ve added over the last 2 1/2 years since I opened my blog.

It’s been an amazing year of fun, making friends, and really seeing where my blog is headed. It’s not that I think 2013 and 2014 were low point years, they weren’t, I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved on my blog over the years, I just know that 2015 was really a banner year for me. For one, I posted far more than I’d ever posted before in 2015, with over one hundred posts in 2015 alone, I barely went over that in 2013 and 2014 combined.

I decided to write this post because Meadow Mist

Best of 2015 Linky Party

is doing a linky party with other blogs participating in there best 5 posts of 2015. I’m especially proud of what 2015 has brought, so I wanted to reflect back on the year in general.

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