The Road Home Row Along and Sulky Threads and Nancy’s Notions..


SulkyAmongst my favorite thread manufacturers, I have loved Sulky threads ever since I discovered their multicolored and metallic thread colors. Back again this year, Sulky returns to offer visitors of the Road Home Row Along an absolutely wonderful sampler of their threads. It includes everything in the kitchen sink.

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Summer Sensations Starts July 21…

Summer Sensations

Summer SensationsIt’s almost that moment you’ve been waiting for all summer. 13 wonderful bloggers have hopefully sat in the air conditioned sewing room and created something beautiful for you to enjoy during your visit to their blogs on their featured day of the hop.

Today I have the honor of posting the schedule so you can plan your week next week to visit your favorite blogs and possibly even meet some new ones.

Our wonderful sponsor for this giveaway is:


A $25.00 gift certificate for each day of Summer Sensations
Friday’s giveaway will run the entire weekend.

and here is the schedule for Summer Sensations…

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Kathy McNeil Comes To Seams To Be Sew…

Kathy McNeil

Kathy McNeil

I’ve often noted on Seams To Be Sew that I love landscape quilting. Last year, I posted my Oh Holy Night Block of the Week series, and I touched just a tad on landscape quilting in this series. It doesn’t matter to me about the technique used, if it captures my eye, expands my imagination, and makes me think WoW!!, I think it’s amazing. If I ever create even something that is half of the talent of any landscape artists I’ve been learning from, I will be ecstatic. I enjoy many artists who do landscape quilting, but one of the artists I’ve enjoyed since purchasing her book and DVD last year is Kathy McNeil. Her book is not only captured with a lot of beautiful projects, but she also shares her techniques for creating landscape quilts.

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By Now.. Ya’ll Should Know I Love Love Love..

Calibre ArtsHeya Everyone,

Remember yesterday, I told ya I had big news.. well.. here it is 🙂

By Now.. Ya’ll Should Know I Love Love Love my Calibre Arts Mats. I have the 18×24 and the 9×12 and they are absolutely AMAZING.. I’ve had my 18×24 for six months now and because I use it nearly everyday, I’m still amazed by it.. Six months in and it’s still not showing any wear and tear on the mat. That’s pretty dang cool imho..

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Simply Sign Me Update and Sponsors For The Road Home RAL

Today is the first day I’ve had to be able to update ya’ll on little things that are happening at Seams To Be Sew. We have our first sponsors for The Road Home Row Along, and I have a Simply Sign Me Update for you.

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Are You Up For It? Down For It? Perhaps…

Simply Sign Me

Simply Sign MeLife is a series of ups and downs, twists and turns, and in the end, each day is a memory in how you lived it. We all have many memories, and part of the fun with quilting is that each quilt has its own story.

This post is the newest event to come along at Seams To Be Sew… Joan Kawano from Moose Stash Quilting and I are doing a Signature Swap together. We’d love for you to join us.

We’re still putting together some of the guidelines, but we thought we might try and see if you have a general interest in swapping blocks. Yep, this is for everyone to participate in, a fun interaction for everyone to enjoy and get a little bit of our history together in this day and time.

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Opposites Attract.. Yesterday’s Winner and Thank You’s



Opposites Attract is over now, and it always leaves me with a feeling of longing when a blog hop ends. Today is no different.

We saw some amazing projects in this blog hop, many of which will leave lasting impressions. I am always inspired after a blog hop, with lots of new and fun creative ideas. Blog hops for me, are like a mini quilt show, we get to “show off” what we’ve done, and hopefully we get some feedback for it with comments from our visitors, our friends. I don’t even mind hearing negative feedback when it’s warranted. 

I’d like to first thank the Bloggers, without your participation and your willingness to participate, we couldn’t do these events. You are what make these events successful.

Our visitors… I prefer to call you my friends, you come to our blogs, you look around, and hopefully enjoy what we’ve posted for you today. Thank you for taking a moment or two of your time to visit each of the blogs, it makes our day when we see your comments, and hear your feedback.

To our sponsors for Opposites Attract, The Fat Quarter Shop, and DJ Inkers, I am truly honored and grateful for your generosity in helping us bring visitors to our blogs, I personally shop at The Fat Quarter Shop, and at DJ Inkers, and I love bringing giveaways from places I personally use myself.

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