EQ Seasons: Week 3 Trees In Winter .. My Row 2..

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Trees In Winter

Welcome to Looking At The Snow!!

For Trees 1 thru 5 the artwork from Country Life Graphics.

The artwork for Tree 6 is by Kristi W from Graphics n Bits.
Commercial License #GNB734A323

The background was drawn by me (Marian Pena) in Electric Quilt.

There are six fun and whimsical trees in this row and each block is 10 x 9.

Several of the patterns incorporate hand embroidery. (I did not create machine embroidery files for this row).

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It’s My Day For The Autumn Appliqued Animals EQ Blog Hop

2013-10 Fall Cow With Pumpkin2013-10 stbs-Fall CowIt’s been fun to create this pattern for those visiting this blog hop. I thought I picked a pretty simple pattern, but it turns out it was far more complicated than I thought it was going to be.

There are many parts to this pattern, the templates alone for the 12 inch block take up 3 pages in the pdf file.

Instead of creating a how to draw this pattern, I chose to do some helfpul hints for using EQ instead. These help me on a daily basis, and I hope you will enjoy the different videos I’ve created for this hop. I tried to keep them pretty small, but so far none are over 20 minutes long and most are less than 5 minutes.

Artwork for this block is from Diddybag.com

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