Spring Cleaning…


DSCN3156I didn’t need to do too much to clean my sewing room. While I’m not a sloppy person I don’t let little things bother me either… I also am not someone who just throws things around, when I’m done working with a project everything gets put back into place when I am working on something it’s stored in a little bin by my machines or cutting areas. I’m currently working on two blocks of the month projects, so those parts are hanging about my sewing and cutting areas.

A few years ago I did a blog post about my sewing room and at the time I loved the design of it, but over time I grew to dislike it intensely. I love sewing in front of my window. I do not know why I just do. Perhaps it’s because it’s contact with the outside world since I am home so much of the time I don’t get a lot of contact outside of this house. Last year we were trying to move over the summer months, we had a home all picked out, and ready were all packed and ready to move and then I found out that our realtor/property manager was pretty much a crook. They took all our money but gave us no keys to move into the new home. We lost not only our money but had to scramble to try and renew the lease where we still currently lived. It was not a fun experience and I hope I am never so gullible again. The only nice thing to come out of it is when I unpacked my sewing room I gave it a new look something I really like much better and feel comfortable working in.

So below is my sewing room.

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