12 Days Of Christmas Day 08

12 Days D08-1

12 Days D08-1Day 08 is here of 12 Days of Christmas, and today’s featured block from Janeen’s village is block #11. This is one of my favorite parts of the village, as I’ve always had an intrigue for ice skating. I watch it during the winter on tv, during the Olympics, but I’ve never actually tried ice skating. Of course I know I’d just fall, but what the heck, one of my favorite things during winter is tubing down the hill… How I miss doing that, it was one of the fun things as a child that we’d do in Idaho. I loved going tubing, it was just carefree, and a total rush.

I’d like to thank all of you who gave me some really great ideas for the corner on the train. I now know what I’ll be doing and hopefully will get that released later in the week for you.

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12 Days Of Christmas Day 07

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D07

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D07And here we are on Day 07 of 12 Days of Christmas, now half way thru this really fun event. Janeen’s village has been such a fun and wonderful way to build a cool Christmas village along with the added shapes and the train, I am certainly enjoying reading your comments and having fun just seeing your reactions.

I keep hearing your planning to make it, I sure hope you will share your photos once you do, I am happy to post them or see them on Facebook in the groups, or even if you post them to the Flickr feed for Seams To Be Sew.

Even Pinterest, if you post them to PInterest or your blog, please drop me a line, I really am interested in seeing your projects.

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12 Days Of Christmas Day 06

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D06

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D06Welcome to Day 06 of 12 Days of Christmas. Thank you all for your lovely comments yesterday. It’s very nice to see so many of you. 🙂

Today’s release is pretty simple, we are on Day 06, and Janeen’s background block number 07 has been released. This block mainly has the house with a path in front of it also like yesterday’s but still different, this one has more path in front of it and you see the gumdrops also from day 02’s pattern in it. I haven’t released the gumdrops again, these are part of the 25 I said you’d need for the pattern.

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12 Days Of Christmas Day 05


stbs-2016-gingerbread-b2-on-snowGood Morning All, I apologize for being late this morning, I was writing the post last night and kept falling asleep at the laptop.. I finally decided to just write Janeen and let her know I’d be late today.

Today’s release marks 3 shapes to download, two of them for Block 02, and the other another part of the Train border. There are two pdf files, so be sure you download both files.

I thought I’d show you two ways the gingerbread can be done… just a slight adjustment makes this look just a little different.

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12 Days of Christmas Day 04

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D04

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D04

Welcome to Day 04 of 12 Days of Christmas.

I definitely enjoyed the emails yesterday and the laughs I got from them… some of you wanting to know the big surprise… Well I’ve decided… I’ll give you a hint… more on that later… 🙂 (evil grin) 🙂

So, today, Janeen has released Block 10, which is the cute little reindeer frolicking thru the snow.. (maybe it’s a dog, sorry Janeen, it’s 1:13am I am tired) .. hehe

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12 Days of Christmas Day 03 – Block 01

12 Days of Christmas D03

12 Days of Christmas D03Please keep in mind, these downloads are for 24 hours only. After that, you’ll have to purchase the individual files you missed.

Both Janeen and I will put up the individual downloads for you to get, in case, you missed any previous days. Please be patient, like you, we have real lives, it’s Christmas time, so we are both busy, and we both have other obligations that need to be fulfilled. Me… I just want my stuff to arrive already… I want my fabric, my sewing stuff, my pots and pans… clothing… wow, all my favorite sweaters.. packed away, just waiting to be used… and I wearing the same two sweaters over and over… sigh!!

Today, I am releasing Gingerbread Snowman and the bench you see in the above image… The top of the mailbox you see at the bottom of the image will be released with block 5.

We have a BIG announcement coming for you Wednesday, it’s… really BIG… I don’t know how I’m going to keep it quiet … honest… it’s HUGE.. HUGE… I mean like.. really BIG.. 🙂

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12 Days of Christmas Day 02

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D02

stbs-2016 12 Days of Christmas D02I heard some wonderful remarks yesterday about what you thought of the Gingerbread village Janeen and I have created for you. I promise, it’s only going to get better…

If you didn’t realize it… Janeen had 2 files for you to download yesterday. She has the full set of instructions with all the color charts available. I do not know if she will keep these up for you to download for all 12 days or not, but if you didn’t download it, be sure you grab that file if she still has it available to or you won’t know everything you need to about all the blocks.

For a short time today, my giftbox and lollipop will still be free, once I wake up today tho, they no longer will be free.

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