Do You Know The Quilting Queen?

Doris Rice

Doris RiceI do, and she is a great lady. Doris Rice has been someone I’ve known since my first blog hop that I participated in with Madam Samm at Sew We Quilt. She always makes the most wonderful blog hop projects, and she is a quilter who’s blog I follow regularly.

Doris has recently opened a pattern shop on her blog, and I thought I’d send you a little note about it. She’s got some very nice patterns in her shop. They are not digital, so she will be mailing them to you.

I hope you will stop by and see them, perhaps purchase one or two of them and enjoy her quilts.

I’ll be back thursday with the start of Nuts About, and yes, we’ll be seeing Doris in the blog hop and her wonderful project… so let her know you stopped by if you visit and be sure to send her a Hiya.

Enjoy your day,


Heya.. Don’t Miss This One… Cool Paper Pieced Snowflakes


QuiltShopsofChristmasLogo_smMy friend Susan has found another great hop of sorts, a shop hop… I’ve mentioned before how much I love Susan’s Quilt Block of the Month blog.. She totally keeps us up to date on all the latest hops, quilt alongs, and Blocks of the Month/Week/Day events.. and I don’t want to let this one just pass by in case some of you missed her post.. This is just to good to pass up.

These are all of the amazing blocks being offered..


their are some requirements, so be sure you read her entire post so you know how to find some of the blocks.

Ends December 31, 2015.

Thank you Susan.




My First Test Project for TQPM…

TQPM September

TQPM SeptemberHave you ever tested a project for a magazine before? I hadn’t and then circumstances changed at the first of the year, and the European Union made it difficult for me to pay for my subscription to The Quilt Pattern Magazine. I like this little magazine that arrives in my email every month. It’s an online magazine for quilters and covers many subjects, including lessons on Electric Quilt each month. My friend Reeze Hansen does some articles for them as well as one of my favorite applique designers from FatCat Patterns.

With the changes in the vat, many companies had to stop selling to people living in Europe. TQPM isn’t the only one I’ve run across since this change happened, but they have a nice little way to earn issues and that is to do some pattern testing for them. You can earn 1 to 3 months worth of your subscription by doing some pattern testing. I see this as win win.. 

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Over At Elm Street Quilts….


Elm Street Quilts

Over At Elm Street Quilts, Patty has started what looks to be a fun Quilt Along that she is simply calling Harvest QAL.

It looks so much fun and I so wish I had the time for it, but alas, I’m swamped for a bit.. 

I thought I’d tell you about it tho, it looks really fun and if your looking for something that looks quick to put together and easy to piece, this looks like an adorable Fall project that will surely make your wall a happy camper.

Go On over to Elm Street Quilts and see what Patty does next..


It’s September 1st and The EQ Seasons Row-Along Has Finally Arrived….

EQ Seasons RAL Button

EQ Seasons Row AlongWay back on April 1st, 2015, I had been thinking about how  much I missed participating in Blog Hops. I love them, they are so much fun and not just because your creating a project to show off, but because you get to see the ideas everyone else comes up with. I have loved every Blog Hop I participated in. Each one is unique in it’s very own way.

I had been admiring Deanna’s Quilter’s Garden at the time and thinking how much I’d love to do a Row Quilt. So I wrote to Electric Quilt and asked them what they thought of allowing me to organize a Quilt Along with tutorials for Electric Quilt in a row quilt. They were very enthusiastic and granted me permission offering to help in any way they possibly could.

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New Freebie For You Today…

stbs-fireworks 1Coming next week to the USA is the Fourth of July, one of my favorite holidays of the year. One of the biggest things I love about the day is spending it with family, the fireworks, and watching the Boston Pops play the Stars and Stripes one of the songs my mom passed on to me, she loved marching band music and especially liked John Phillip Sousa. As a flute player, I always wanted to play the piccolo part in the Stars and Stripes song. My father’s birthday is July 3rd, so we go from celebrating that to the next day where we celebrate with fireworks and fun. When I was growing up in Idaho Falls, Idaho, one of the very best things was being at the fireworks display that they held at the Snake River in downtown Idaho Falls. It was so amazing with the fireworks bouncing off the water into the air, so very beautiful. Continue reading

EQ Photo Fun Blog Hop – First Day

Photo Fun Blog HopHello and Welcome,

Today I am participating in the EQ Photo Fun Blog Hop sponsored by Electric Quilt and Fun Threads.

I have to admit, this one had me a bit stumped, and then a hard drive failure wiped away all my work, I know I keep going on about it, but I’m still upset over losing that drive.. I absolutely love the idea of being able to work with photos, and it’s really nice that EQ has features that allows you to incorporate your photos into quilts you are trying to create.

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