Little Treasures – April

2014-LT04My apologies for this block being as late as it is this month. So many things going on in my real life, plus a hard drive crash that held all my files on it which I’m still trying to recover. I’m thinking I’m doomed at this point and will have to just try and replace everything, and I know better, I am usually good at backing up, but I hadn’t backed up 2013 yet, so I lost anything I collected or did in 2013 and early 2014.

I’d like to thank those of you who left comments last month, it really meant something to me to hear from you.

This is a 15-Inch block.

This download is only available until May 5, 2014 only. Download will expire After that it will be available on Craftsy.

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Little Treasures Bonus – 1 Week Download Only

Little Treasures Bonus BoyThis cute little boy is the first boy in the series, since there aren’t many boys, we won’t see another for awhile.

This boy stitches/sews together very easily, there are not alot of parts, but, there are a few details in the machine embroidery that need to be addressed, so they are shown below.

This download is only available for 1 week only. Download will expire April 18, 2014. After that it will be available on Craftsy.

The EQ Block is available for sale here.

Now Available on Craftsy


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52 Blocks Quilt Along – Hoppy Bunny Basket

stbs-Hoppy Bunny BasketHeya Everyone, so glad you’ve stopped by today. While I have owned this domain for nearly 12 years, today is my One Year Anniversary of opening my blog. I’m sew excited and what a fun way to be celebrating it. I am participating in the 52 Blocks Quilt Along. I hadn’t realized when I signed up for this Quilt Along that today was my anniversary, but I’m excited that it just happened that way, and what’s ironic about this, is that one year ago today I opened my blog earlier than planned because I’d jumped into an EQ Blog Hop which was for me, probably the turning point of getting me involved back into quilting again so heavily. If you’d like to participate in this quilt along, please stop over at Persimmon Dreams to read all about it. This bunny block was something I created many many years ago and just kinda forgot about it until I was visiting the 52 blocks quilt along. I was wondering what could I do to participate and then I remembered this block from a quilt I’d made for a friend who was having a baby. As usual, Electric Quilt and Bernina’s Designer Plus Software helped me in creating this block for you today. The basket block in this quilt is part of Electric Quilt and is called the Brittany Block in EQ. I do not know if it’s part of the default blocks or addon blocks. I own every single addon for EQ, so I couldn’t tell you if it is or isn’t. Since it’s pretty basic, I’d say it’s probably a default block. So without further ado, lets get on with the making of this block. Continue reading

Little Treasures EQ Project Files Are Now Available

Electric QuiltEQ Project files for the Little Treasures BOM are now available online for purchase.

If you would be interested in owning the EQ project file for this BOM, you can buy them here.

You might ask, why would I buy this file when I can download the block for free.

First, you will always be able to replace the file without having to purchase it again by buying the pattern/block.

Electric Quilt files will allow you to:

  • Resize your block.
  • Place the blocks in a quilt layout.
  • Store the block In your block library.
  • Color the block with your own fabrics from EQ’s library of fabrics or your own fabric library.
  • Edit your block
  • Create new templates
  • Print the blocks
  • and so much more

Your purchase of this pattern is a digital download. If at any time you need to replace your file, I will gladly reset the download for you.

If you don’t own Electric Quilt, you are really missing out on expanding the abilities of your own creative juices. I would encourage anyone to purchase this software. Not only is it great software, but the support is excellent, there are many tutorials on the web showing you how to use it, and you can purchase additional addons to make quilting just that much easier.

Have a wonderful day!!


Friday’s Faces Starts On Facebook Today

2014-0125 Fridays Faces 01-Cool DudeFridays Faces is finally here. Sew sorry for the late posting today, you just wouldn’t believe the kind of day I’ve had.

So with that said, go on over t0 my Facebook page and grab Cool Dude, he’s sitting there waiting for you now. Click on “Gifts For You” to get the first of the Fridays Faces series.

Artwork by Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs

I’ve created this block for you in 4 and 6-Inch Block sizes.

Hope you Enjoy,


Sew… Perhaps You’d like a Sneak Peek!!

What’s Up Everyone, are you coming into the New Year like it’s a brand new day and wanting a fresh start? For me, it’s just another day in my little house in Italy. I’m enjoying the breath of fresh air we had today with lovely 70 degree weather. It was a gorgeous day to go and get our car inspected.

That said, I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek at the coming BOM I will be posting next Tuesday. This is very special artwork to me. I have enjoyed Gabry’s artwork for years, she is a very gifted artist with a great talent. I love being able to offer this to you in an applique block of the month series.

I won’t tell you this BOM is for beginners, it’s not. There are many pieces with each block, but if you are a beginner, you can use the cool techniques I’m going to show you for this block of the month to help ease the transition in learning applique and making this quilt or wallhanging or whatever you choose to make with each months block.

My block of the month is called Little Treasures, it comes from the artist known to me as Gabry and her website where you to can see her beautiful artwork. It is located at Graphics and Graphics.

Wanna See!!! Are you ready 🙂 Come take a peak!!

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Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Party – Day 3

Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Party 2013Snowman Face 2013Here we are on Day 3 of the Blog Hop Party and I couldn’t be more excited to see the enthusiasm I have received for my blocks so far. Today’s block is a Snowman Face. I bet your starting to see the trend eh!! Please be sure you stop by on Day 4 as I’ll have another new block for you tomorrow as well. In case you weren’t here on Day 1 or 2, I am giving away a new block for you on each and every day of this Blog Hop Party. So you might want to bookmark your daily adventures on this web to stop here each day of the party. Because it’s a party, I want you to have fun, so I hope you will enjoy the block, but, I’m going to ask you to simply “Like” my page on Facebook in order to help me gain a few likes there. It will also help you keep aprised of what I’m up to every once in a while. I’m not a daily blogger, and I never will be, so you aren’t going to get bogged down in a daily email from me.  While I wish I had the ability to be a daily blogger, I just know that for me, it’s just not my style, nor my wish to write daily on any type of blog. The artwork for Snowman Face 2013 is from Primsy Doodles. Continue reading