On the 4th Day of the Christmas Caroling Row Along…

Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row AlongAre the rows this year just fantastic? It has been a wonderful experience to see and hear what you think of the rows, but it was even better to watch them come together over the summer.

That’s the advantage you get when you are participating as a designer during this event.

Everyone had the opportunity to see each other’s rows start to come together and so we all have an idea of what is coming.


Today’s Featured Bloggers Are:

Please note that Miss P Designs does not have a website or blog. You will be visiting Just Let Me Quilt for Miss P Designs row.

Today’s Giveaways Are:

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CCRAL Giveaway Winners and Change For Downloads…

Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row AlongHi Everyone, I’m very late posting today and I do apologize for that, but circumstances beyond my control have made me post later than I’d planned.

I wish to let you know who the winners are for last Tuesday’s giveaways and will announce the Calibre Art promotional winners also.

The change I have made to the downloads is that downloads as of September 12, 2017, will now be for one week only. This means you need to get your downloads for each site within the first week it is featured. Some bloggers will keep their patterns free, while others will be putting them up for sale. Some of the bloggers on September 05, have removed their free patterns and put them up for sale, so please do not hesitate on downloading them.

The Winners For September 05, 2017
and Calibre Arts September 05 to 12, 2017 are

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It’s Time… The Christmas Caroling Row Along Has Started…

Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row AlongYou’re not going to miss out on this really fun event, are you? I know you don’t want to, so I’m hoping you’ve signed up in the groups, and are following the participating blogs. 

I promise you, the rows are absolutely spectacular this year. All with a Christmas theme, there are nativities, wise men, Santa’s, nutcrackers, ornaments, Christmas scenes plus more… 


On Today’s Schedule
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Today’s Giveaways at Seams To Be Sew Are

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I know you’ve been wondering….

Simply Sign It-I Want More

Simply Sign It-I Want MoreI’d like to thank those of you who’ve written me over the last week… I sometimes forget that ya’ll worry about me. It’s a comfort to know that you care.

So what’s up… I have simply been sewing… That’s right, I have so much sewing to do I needed to take the month of April off just so I could get caught up. This means all patterns due out in April will be released in May and I will double them up so you get April and May together. We did get away last week for a trip to my sisters for Easter which was lovely, but other than that, I have been mainly at my sewing machine trying to get caught up. I will not be doing any Flickr Rewards until May either, but you still need to turn them in by the due dates for the past patterns.

So… here is some catching up news…

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Welcome To Quilt Qwazy Queens Day 01


Worldwide Quilting DayLast year, this event was also held during the week of Worldwide Quilting Day. It’s a day that brings all of us together in a way that we don’t see every day. Those of us who love quilting, feel a part of something special. Like your birthday, it’s your day, the one you wait for all year long, Worldwide Quilting is like your birthday, for each of us, it’s a day for something we love as a community and we all celebrate it in our own way, even if it just quietly passes by.

Like last year tho, it’s not going to quietly pass by, many quilting sites are celebrating the event, and 18 of us have gotten together to celebrate it with you over the next few days leading up to and after Saturday.

Companies have offered giveaways to help us celebrate and you can win one of the wonderful items they have offered to giveaway over the next 5 days.

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Michigan Released

Sue and Sam - Michigan

Sue and Sam - MichiganI know I’m a bit late, I am still battling some back issues, but I did manage to finish these for you today.

This week’s release is Sue and Sam In Michigan. Sue is the Free pattern this week, with Sam being the Flickr reward.

Ready to Download?

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My Newest Project and the First for Island Batik…

Island Batik Kennel Quilts

Kennel QuiltsAs a quilter, I feel fairly secure at just thinking about simple designs and being able to stitch them out without a pattern whatsoever. I don’t know if this comes from experience, or my mind just being able to put things together…

I think when it comes to working with simply projects we all can probably think in terms of a simple design and just wing it… That’s what I did with February’s project for Island Batik. The project was to be making a kennel quilt and then giving it to your local shelter or a shelter listed at TQPM magazine. I’m just going to take mine to the local shelter, but I’m hoping to make a few more before I get there.

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