Christmas Caroling Row Along Schedule, Rules, and How Tos

Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row AlongIt’s just not that far away at this point, less than 2 1/2 weeks away before we start this event.

This event is in it’s 3rd year hosted by Seams To Be Sew. It is my favorite event of the year.

It also happens to fall in the same month as National Sewing Month, declared by Ronald Reagan in 1982. Thank you!! I’d rather it be International Sewing Month, but I’m not going to quibble over it either.

I think I should tell you a little bit how this event works. If your experienced with blogging events, you already have an idea of how they work, so just ignore the next paragraph or two and scroll those eyes on down to the schedule.

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Stories of Christmas – Announcing The Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row AlongThey Say The Third Time Is The Charm… Ever since I started with EQ Seasons in 2015, and last year’s The Road Home Row Along, one of the biggest questions people write me about during the year is when is the next row along going to start. It is very difficult to keep my fingers from typing everything I know about the next one coming, but finally I can tell you, that we have a theme, we have bloggers who are coming back to join the event, and we have you, those of you who look forward to this fun and free event all year long.

Thank you for keeping me wanting to do this year after year, I personally love the row patterns and think they can be used for many projects… Whether you make a table runner, or a shawl, a lap quilt, a bed quilt, door hangers, or even a table cloth, there are some really fun ideas that are brewing for each of the rows coming.

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Coming In September 2016 – The Road Home Row Along

stbs-Road Home logo

stbs-Road Home tall banner

Can you believe it? It’s been a year since I approached designers to participate in the EQ Seasons Row Along.

It was held in September 2015 with 21 designers who created row and filler patterns for everyone to download, create and enjoy. EQ Seasons was the first event I held on my blog, and now I’ve already done five of them, with the sixth approaching this friday.

It’s an exciting time at Seams To Be Sew, so many wonderful things going on, and still to come for 2016.

With Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy, who I have partnered with for this Row Along, we have come up with the theme for this years Row Along and have given it the name of

The Road Home Row Along

We are looking for you to create a pattern that depicts places on the way to your home, This doesn’t have to be your current home. We all have a place we call home. As an example, I was raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I consider it home.  I loved living there, I’d move back in a heartbeat, and while I do visit, I’ll probably never get to live there again… For me, I’ll probably draw a row depicting the Snake River and the falls running thru the heart of the city, that’s Idaho Falls to me, it’s home.

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