Once Upon A Story… Day 05

Once Upon A Story Row AlongThe other day, I was sending a notice to someone about how they’d won a giveaway. She asked me how come I name the days the way I do for the row along. I said it’s because it’s how the days fall with this event. She thought it was interesting, but odd, and I said, well if I said Day 05 was actually Day 14, wouldn’t you wonder where the other 9 days of the event were? She laughed and said yea I guess I would. I thought it was a funny enough story to let you all in on why I name the days of the event the way that I do.

Today is Day 05 of the Once Upon A Story Row Along, we have 6 days left over the next 3 weeks. Today are another three designers are here to show you some fun rows and hope that you enjoy them. We’d love to see you make something with the rows, I can promise you, I know of no designer wo doesn’t love seeing what people make with there patterns. I know for me, I love seeing what happens to my patterns and what people do with them or how they incorporate them into there projects.

Here is today’s schedule:

Tuesday, 9/17/2019
Barbara Dieges | Miss P Designs USA | Seams To Be Sew
(yes I have a row pattern today, click the link to go to my post)

Go On, Go and Have A Peek… you know you want to…

Our winners for September 5, 2019 are:

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Once Upon A Story Row Along… My First Row…

The Nutcracker - (Hans)

The Nutcracker - (Hans)Ok, I’ve spilled the beans, yep, I have at least two rows for the row along this year. This one was created quite by accident. I was trying to think of what to do for my yearly gift for my sisters birthday this year and I happened upon this idea. Her favorite story is my first row for the row along this year. I had already created my first row which I’ll feature next week, so this one is a kind of bonus row.

My sisters favorite story is The Nutcracker and low and behold I found out that it is considered a fairy tale. So it occurred to me that I could create a row for the row along with it and at the same time my sister gets a birthday gift out of it. ssshhhh tho, she knows nothing about it and lucky me, she doesn’t follow my blog. I do not even think she’s ever even visited it, even tho she clearly knows it exists.

Before I send you inside the post to download this row, be sure to enter the giveaways and let me know what you think of this design.

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Fall Is In The Air… I Can Feel It!! … Mistakes Fixed on Row Along Also…

Once Upon A Story Row Along

Once Upon A Story Row AlongHi All, Are you feeling a little bit of fall in the air? I know I am and I couldn’t be more thrilled…  I love the cool air. I know many people love summer because it gets them outside in there gardens, or enjoying the beach, camping, travelling etc… For me tho, summer literally keeps me inside. When I was younger I was a big gardener tho and would still do it but in this house we have very little of a back yard so I can’t garden sadly. This is meant to be a really quick post tho.

I want to note that there was a pattern issue with the pattern at Bobbin In Quilts Blog, If you downloaded it prior to 4:30pm Thursday, September 12, 2019, please re-download it. The best way to check is your pdf should have 4 pages and not 3 pages as the early download had. The pattern is the Hickory Dickory Dock pattern.

At Mountain Meadow Designs there was an issue with downloading the pattern also. This issue has been fixed, if you didn’t get her pattern yesterday morning, please go and get the download. The pattern is on a cart, but you don’t need to go thru the cart to get the pattern, just click the button.

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Once Upon A Story RAL – Day 03

Once Upon A Story Row Along

Once Upon A Story Row Along

Today is the third day in the row along. I hope you are having fun following us along to each designers blog and seeing what goodies she has in store for you each day.

Even tho I have seen the rows each designer has done, I saw them back in June in there drafts. I haven’t seen the finished patterns since that time, so each day for me is also as new for you as it is for me. I love seeing how the fabrics worked out in there row pattern and reading about how they chose the design they did.

Today’s giveaways are from Inspired LED, Aurifil, and Linda B Creative. I will be announcing the first giveaways on Thursday this week (Day 04) from last Tuesday (Day 01) so be sure to start watching your emails today and tomorrow for an email from me. Please also check your spam folder, sometimes my email address ends up in peoples spam folders. All giveaways that I am shipping on Saturdays during this event. Once you acknowledge your email address, you’ll receive a paypal invoice from me for shipping.

Today’s Featured Designers
Tuesday, 9/10/2019
Linda B Creative | Patchwork Breeze | KISSed Quilts
Note: Linda’s giveaway is a text link that you need to click which takes you to Rafflecopter’s website to enter the giveaway. The giveaway is not featured on the post inside.

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Once Upon A Story Day 02 Arrives…

Once Upon A Story Row AlongToday  is Day 02 of Once Upon A Story and I’m so happy your all enjoying the row along.

Its been fun seeing your comments about the row along and each day that goes by. Thank you for taking the time to comment on all the blogs.

Today we see thre more bloggers participating in the row along who have created amazing rows for you. You’ll need to signup for Renee’s giveaway here on this blog. So please see the giveaway inside for her giveaway.

Thursday, 9/5/2019
Made By Marney | Pretty Piney Quilts | Renee’s Quilting Addiction

Oops, I posted the wrong days earlier. I am so sorry to all, glad it got early.

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Seams To Be Sew Presents 5 Years of Row Alongs…Day 01 – Once Upon A Story

Once Upon A Story Row Along

Once Upon A Story Row Along

Once Upon A Story is finally here and starting today and boy, do we have some great things in store for you to see. A new feature on this site and some wonderful designers and sponsors offering patterns and giveaways for you to enter. It promises to be a fun time for all involved and each day of the row along will bring new ideas, new techniques, tutorials, and ideas to stretch the creativity in you.

This years theme Once Upon A Story reflects on our childhood memories of moms or dads, grandparents, and even sitters or others who read us a good night story. Whether it was a FairyTale, or a Nursery Rhyme, we’ve heard these stories throughout our lives and have in some ways lived the dreams that fantasies create. We dedicate this Row Along to the authors of these original stories who left a lasting legacy for not only you, or me, but for everyone who has ever enjoyed a fable, a fairy tale, or a nursery rhyme. We all have our favorites and that’s where this theme goes. To our designers favorite nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

This year also marks FIVE wonderful years of Row Alongs. We started with EQ Seasons, and moved on to The Road Home, we then decided to touch on Christmas with the Christmas Caroling Row Along and last year, we chose to do My Happy Place. Each year, a theme is picked mainly based on what I hope you all will enjoy but at the same time what we all enjoy whether its a road trip, a favorite season, a Christmas carol or a hobby, and now fantasy.

This year has 2 new features, one to this site, and one to the actual row designs… read more inside on these changes.

So, your new to Rowing Along? Inside this post I’ll explain how it all works so you don’t miss a single thing. You’ll also find the EQ giveaway inside this post, so don’t forget to enter.

So let’s get started… Today, we feature

September 3, 2019
Just Let Me Quilt | Seams To Be Sew | Pamela Quilts
my post will be right below this post today and every day that I have my own post of this row along.

The Electric Quilt Giveaway will be featured on every blog post of this event. You’ll want to enter every day and there will be at least six new entries every Continue reading

VaaaaRooommmm!!! Let’s Get Started For Day 01 of Once Upon A Time Row Along…

I am on this first day not because I have a row to share with you all… I do, but it will come later in the row along. Instead, my post today and the next few posts will be posts of fun and some frolicking… spending some time talking about the years as they’ve past, and we’re even gonna have a little bit of peek a boo… 🙂

I don’t just want my 5th year to row along like it normally does, I want to express some celebration. It’s not every day a blog can run an event for five years in a row and have the amount of fun we’ve had over the years, so I am going to enjoy this year with some memories, and some games to play… Maybe even a giveaway or two. So take a peek inside and walk along in the past with me.  Continue reading