Row By Row Free Pattern Updates & Black Friday Sale…


Well, Jalapeno-Popper-Wontonhere we are, one day before Thanksgiving. I’m guessing most of you are making your preparations for the big day tomorrow. I’m making a simple meal this year, bought our favorite part of the turkey which is the legs, and am just planning to roast them. I’ll make a sweet potato casserole in the morning along with a pumpkin pie.  I’m thinking I might do some Jalapeno Poppers in a wonton… I saw these on Facebook the other day and thought I liked the idea of a putting the popper in a wonton crust so am planning to try them.

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Row By Row Free Patterns and More News…

Row By Row Experience

Row By Row Experience

Yesterday was the day that shops could finally put their patterns and kits up for sale again, or online for sale or download. I’ve taken a bit of time this morning to update my page for the row by row links today and followed up with a few emails to shops that still participate.

The Row By Row Experience itself has also added a new site for showcasing rows that participating shops have added their rows too. This is wonderful because you get to see the rows in full view. I’ve never been a fan of the Facebook pictures because they merge them in with the shop’s info, and their license plate, often making the row picture to small and you can’t see some of those rows very well to know if you like it or now. The new site is called easily enough Row By Row Showcase.

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A Small Update…

Just writing to give you a small update… I’ve been very busy, with the Christmas Caroling Row Along coming up in September, I needed to have my row finished by the deadline I set for the other designers so that I would not be behind, this took a few days to accomplish, but my row pattern is at least done now for September and I am ready to show it off… The image you’re seeing features the Northcott Fabrics they kindly sent designers to use in their rows and is a small preview of my row I’ll be featuring.

Next, I am hoping to release the next Sue and Sams this week along with Twas The Night Before Christmas Blocks. I’m just finishing these up and possibly as I write this post tonight I’ll finish them up tomorrow so they can release on Monday/Tuesday…

Next, I got a little teeny tiny bit involved with row by row and had tons of fun visiting shops… I mean really who can blame me, it’s my first time out and about visiting the shops and being the new quilter in the state, I, of course, had to visit as many shops as possible.  I’m sure some of you know how that goes. I have patterns to swap if anyone would like some… write me with your address and I’ll send you a Colorado pattern. Maybe you’ll do the same. I’ll be heading to Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho in August, a girl just wants to have fun!!! Ya know 🙂 So let me know if your lookin for a particular row.

and last… Just for Fun, I updated the Row By Row Free patterns page. I’ve checked all the links and fixed the bad ones or removed those that removed their downloads. Always Quilting already has their patterns up for pre-order on the free patterns they will offer for 2017, so you may want to get your pre-orders in.


Seams To Be Sew Site Change…

Twas The Night Before Christmas Block 03

TTNBC-02b-alt fireplace-largeHi Everyone, just a quick note, I am adding a SSL certificate to my site to secure the shopping cart I am adding. My site may be down for a few hours or up to 24 hours. I will try to have everything back online as quickly as possible once it propagates, the biggest difference you might see is no images .. which I’ll fix as quickly as possible.

I’ve drawn the winners for the other 3 mats I had offered on the Sunbonnet Sue release a few weeks ago, winners will be notified in email this morning.

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A New BOTM and Another RBR 2015 Free Pattern…

SeaBreeze Quilts

SeaBreeze QuiltsIt’s another really amazing Block Of The Month coming to you from Sea Breeze Quilts, starting August 15, 2016. She is incorporating celtic knots, with applique and a pieced background. Now, if you’ve seen her previous Block Of The Months, you know that Amanda has a style all her own. She’s an amazing designer with an artistic edge that truly makes her quilts stunningly beautiful. This is sure to be another of those quilts. Here are two examples just to show you what I mean.

It starts on Monday, you don’t want to miss it. Blocks are free for one month, then available in her shops for $3.00 AUS.

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Row By Row Pattern Download Links…

Row By Row Experience

Row By Row ExperienceThis page has been updated for 2016 and is now housed here, this page will no longer be updated.

Based on how successful turning in of links for my previous post on the Row By Row Experience’s Shortsightedness, I chose to separate the page to a links page for those of us searching for those free patterns or really great patterns to purchase, With that said, this is what has been collected from that post.

I will update this page when I find new ones, and hopefully, you may comment with ones you know of that are free or if they are a “scenic” type scene, let me know, I am interested in anything that is landscape like.

To all the shops, your participation in the Row By Row Experience is not without appreciation, I truly do understand the costs involved with creating the patterns, perhaps commissioning the pattern to be created, the frustration of having people come into the shop and possibly demanding the pattern as if it’s their right, at the same all the foot traffic because of the project. I hope it really does benefit your shop, because I firmly believe it’s a great project and a fun experience. 

With that said, to those of you who offer your patterns to the online community after the Nov 01 deadline, thank you.

To those of you after the freebies, take a few moments and write a thank you in email to the shop. I believe they want to hear that you appreciated the time it took to not only create the pattern, but to put it online.  So few of you do this even for freebees left on blogs by bloggers and it’s disheartening when we don’t even get a thank you for our time, our creations, and our willing spirit to just give it away.

Huge thanks to those of you who’ve left comments on the previous post to other shops offering freebies, Let’s keep this going.

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Is The Row By Row Experience Shortsighted?

Row By Row Experience

Row By Row ExperienceI think the Row By Row Experience project is short-sighted. Why, because they started this project, four years ago, and the last two years it seems to have been it’s largest turn out. Yet, when you go to find the patterns to purchase or perhaps even download after the November 01 deadline, it is extremely difficult to find any that are available.

Many of these shops have an online presence, yet they don’t put their rows up for people to download or purchase.

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