The Road Home To Idaho

Idaho Falls Idaho 2009

Idaho Falls Idaho 2009There are many things I love about the state of Idaho. The scenery in Idaho is beautiful. Idaho is the potato state, but more than potatoes it’s also home to the Snake River, it is the home of many hot springs that you can lavish away the day in, Evil Kneival tried and failed to jump over the Snake Canyon in Twin Falls, back in 1974, is home to the two deepest canyons in the USA, it is also home to Craters Of The Moon, an amazing monument created out of actual molten lava, has more whitewater than any other state in the lower 48 states, is a very close drive to Yellowstone National Park, but the best thing about Idaho.. I was raised in Idaho Falls, and while I don’t really think I had the best childhood experiences, I consider it my home. 

I’ve always been intrigued by waterfalls, for as long as I can remember. When I was trying to decide what to do for my row, it really just made sense to me to do the one place in the world that I love the most and that is Idaho Falls. The falls may be small, but they hold memories that last a lifetime.

So let’s get to the knitty and the gritty. my row today is 12 x 30. It consists of piecing and applique. Imagine that, I designed Continue reading

The Road Home Rows Along To Day 3

stbs-Road Home

stbs-Road Home tall bannerToday is day 3 of the Road Home Row Along and it’s been an amazing first week. We’ve been to Michigan, South Australia, Washington, Canada, South Africa, Colorado, Bulgaria and Nevada. Today we are going to visit New Zealand, England, Utah and Idaho. A fun day is definitely in store for all who visit the blogs today.

Winners from last Tuesday, Sept 6, will be announced later today.

New giveaways do start today and you can enter the next 4 blogs for The Fat Quarter Shop giveaway also.

My post is also featured today, be sure you stop in and read below this post to see my row that I have for you today.

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The Road Home Row Along Day 2

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stbs-Road HomeI wish to thank all of you who’ve visited us for The Road Home Row Along for the kick off this past Tuesday September 6…

Our first day was a smashing success and we are bound for more as you see the coming rows from our other bloggers. Today’s rows are no different, you’re going to visit Las Vegas, South Africa, Colorado, and Bulgaria. Each of these rows is unique and wonderful in their own way and each shows us the Road Home.

I’d like to emphasize that you do need to visit the blogs to download the rows. You’ll need a Craftsy account in some cases to download, and that we encourage you to not use small cell phone devices to download the pdf files. Many sites do not allow this for some reason, so I encourage you, add it to your cart at Craftsy, then check out the cart, and come back and download it later when you’re on a device that will allow you to download the pdf files.

Please note, if your having any problems with the giveaways, please write me, sometimes the other blogs can not post them, with the exception of one blog during this event, all the giveaways will be posted here at Seams To Be Sew also for you to enter.

Today’s rowers are:

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And We’re Off… The Road Home Begins…

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stbs-Road Home tall bannerIt’s been months since I announced the signups for The Road Home Row Along. A little bit of history… Last year, Seams To Be Sew hosted the first Row Along called EQ Seasons. We had 21 bloggers who designed row patterns in Electric Quilt. We shared the pj7 files, and the pdf files during that event. This year, we changed things up a bit and dropped the EQ requirement. We now have 40 bloggers participating in this six-week event which is hosted by Seams To Be Sew and Sew IncrediblyCrazy. Quite a few of the bloggers who participated last year loved the fun so much they came back to do it again this year. If you were here last year for this event, whether a participant, visitor or blogger you already know how much fun it is.

So, let me explain. I am most often asked what is a Row Along. How does it work? What’s required? Continue reading

The Road Home Row Along Schedule…

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stbs-Road Home tall banner

I know it may seem like it is very early to post this schedule, but I have decided to take a break before moving into the end of the year. There isn’t a single month coming between September to December that this site doesn’t have an event of some kind planned, so since we are two weeks away from my having to post any block of the month patterns or The Road Home Row Along starting, I’ve decided to take a break so I don’t wear myself out. Rest Assured, if something breaks and it’s important to know I will post and I am at home, I’m just sewing. I’m still reachable as I will check my email, I just know I don’t want to wear myself out either.

So, without further ado, here is the schedule for The Road Home Row Along, starting in just two short weeks…

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Thermoweb Joins The Road Home Row Along.. Surprises and A RBR Link..


ThermowebOne of our favorite companies for fusible’s and interfacings is joining us with a wonderful bundle of their products for a giveaway during The Road Home Row Along. I’m very excited they are offering this giveaway and I think you will be too.

More news inside including a free pattern, and an RBR Link…

Therm-o-web is offering a beautiful bundle with a $60.00. Continue reading

OttLite Comes To The Road Home.. and a new RBR link..

Ott Lite

Ott LiteI am very excited to announce the latest sponsor for The Road Home Row Along starting in just under 3 short weeks now.

OttLite has offered one of their amazing lamps as a giveaway during the event.

I only just purchased my own OttLite a few short months ago, and I see what all the buzz is about now. I’m sure you might remember when I showed you the lighting differences with my Bernie and how adding additional lighting affects your overall display area, it’s the same with their lighting also. It gives you a broader area in which it concentrates the lighting and allows you to see as you should instead of straining to see what you might not be able to see. OttLite are not expensive lamps, they cost less than an ordinary desk lamp does when you consider how many times you probably change a regular light bulb. OttLite lamps Continue reading