New RBR Free Patterns Found & Anita Goodesign..

Anita Goodesign

Anita Goodesign

Sometimes, really cool things happen when I write asking for items to giveaway during a blog event. 

Anita Goodesign has made that happen with a huge contribution for The Road Home Road Along coming in September.

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By Now.. Ya’ll Should Know I Love Love Love..

Calibre ArtsHeya Everyone,

Remember yesterday, I told ya I had big news.. well.. here it is 🙂

By Now.. Ya’ll Should Know I Love Love Love my Calibre Arts Mats. I have the 18×24 and the 9×12 and they are absolutely AMAZING.. I’ve had my 18×24 for six months now and because I use it nearly everyday, I’m still amazed by it.. Six months in and it’s still not showing any wear and tear on the mat. That’s pretty dang cool imho..

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Simply Sign Me Update and Sponsors For The Road Home RAL

Today is the first day I’ve had to be able to update ya’ll on little things that are happening at Seams To Be Sew. We have our first sponsors for The Road Home Row Along, and I have a Simply Sign Me Update for you.

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Opposites Attract.. Yesterday’s Winner and Thank You’s



Opposites Attract is over now, and it always leaves me with a feeling of longing when a blog hop ends. Today is no different.

We saw some amazing projects in this blog hop, many of which will leave lasting impressions. I am always inspired after a blog hop, with lots of new and fun creative ideas. Blog hops for me, are like a mini quilt show, we get to “show off” what we’ve done, and hopefully we get some feedback for it with comments from our visitors, our friends. I don’t even mind hearing negative feedback when it’s warranted. 

I’d like to first thank the Bloggers, without your participation and your willingness to participate, we couldn’t do these events. You are what make these events successful.

Our visitors… I prefer to call you my friends, you come to our blogs, you look around, and hopefully enjoy what we’ve posted for you today. Thank you for taking a moment or two of your time to visit each of the blogs, it makes our day when we see your comments, and hear your feedback.

To our sponsors for Opposites Attract, The Fat Quarter Shop, and DJ Inkers, I am truly honored and grateful for your generosity in helping us bring visitors to our blogs, I personally shop at The Fat Quarter Shop, and at DJ Inkers, and I love bringing giveaways from places I personally use myself.

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Introducing The Road Home Designers…

stbs-Road Home logo

stbs-Road Home tall banner

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the many wonderful bloggers and designers who are creating row patterns for The Road Home Row Along coming to you in September 2016.

We have 48 amazing designers and bloggers who are participating this year with their rows available to you on their featured day of the Row Along.

Because we have 48 of them, this year, it will run two days per week, for six weeks with a Show and Tell day at the end of the Row Along.

Many of these are bloggers you may recognize from just visiting their blogs, or by following them, perhaps visiting on blog hopping events, and many of these participated in last years EQ Seasons.

So, without further ado, here are the participating bloggers/designers. Designers with no link, do not have a blog. I’ve also listed their Road Home area for you.

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Coming In September 2016 – The Road Home Row Along

stbs-Road Home logo

stbs-Road Home tall banner

Can you believe it? It’s been a year since I approached designers to participate in the EQ Seasons Row Along.

It was held in September 2015 with 21 designers who created row and filler patterns for everyone to download, create and enjoy. EQ Seasons was the first event I held on my blog, and now I’ve already done five of them, with the sixth approaching this friday.

It’s an exciting time at Seams To Be Sew, so many wonderful things going on, and still to come for 2016.

With Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy, who I have partnered with for this Row Along, we have come up with the theme for this years Row Along and have given it the name of

The Road Home Row Along

We are looking for you to create a pattern that depicts places on the way to your home, This doesn’t have to be your current home. We all have a place we call home. As an example, I was raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I consider it home.  I loved living there, I’d move back in a heartbeat, and while I do visit, I’ll probably never get to live there again… For me, I’ll probably draw a row depicting the Snake River and the falls running thru the heart of the city, that’s Idaho Falls to me, it’s home.

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