So Many Things Going On, I forgot to Post..

stbs-2016F-Two Hearts Tweeting with border-medium

stbs-2016F-Two Hearts Tweeting with border-mediumI have been a busy little beaver of late, before ya know it, I might have missed Groundhog Day if I wasn’t looking… This year, winter just seems to be taking it’s toll on my little ole body.. Cold after Cold, flu after flu, and the sneezing is driving me batty.. I got to thinking about Ground Hog day today and realized that I might sneeze it right on by… LOL I know summer people probably look forward to Groundhog Day, because it means that their might only be six weeks of winter left. Traditionally, I like winter to go on as along as it possibly can. I am just not into the heat of summer, in fact I’m more prone to stay inside in the summer than I am any other part of the year.

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