12 Days … Day 10

Snowman Faces 01

NOTE: My internet has been down since Thursday night. As you might have noticed I didn’t get Friday. I will post it Monday, December 17, 2018 with the last pattern on Tuesday. Today is the last of the snowmen… Tomorrow I will be doing a snowflake, but I will also … Continue reading

12 Days… Day 08

G&G snowmen2010

Today’s cute Snowman is from the wonderful artwork of Graphics and Graphics. Gabry is a talented artist who no longer produces artwork. It’s sad because she is so very talented. She lives in Italy and I had the privilege of getting to know her when we lived there. A lot of … Continue reading

12 Days – Day 7

12 Days of Snow Snowman B01

This week, I will be featuring what is probably the number 1 thing that people think of when they think of Snow… and that is Snowmen. We’ll have 4 days this week of Snowmen. We’ll also have 1 day of Snowflakes and that day will also feature a fun tutorial … Continue reading

12 Days … Day 6


So yesterday, I told you in my post that I had a companion block for the Hot Chocolate pattern. Obviously your thinking it goes with hot chocolate and to me it does. I feel you can’t go on a sleigh ride without a nice good thermos full of Hot Chocolate … Continue reading

12 Days … Day 5

Hot Chocolate

How could anyone go outside in the winter to come back inside and not sit down in front of a roaring fire with a wonderful cup of Hot Chocolate? I may not have the fireplace, but I do love Hot Chocolate. So today I share a cup with you… You will … Continue reading

12 Days of Snow – Day 3

Continuous Lines - Winter

Do you remember as a child going out in the snow in those fun boots or galoshes? I sure remember the various different boots we wore over the years. From fancy to downright floppy flaps I remember them like it was yesterday. Today’s free pattern is like receiving 5 patterns … Continue reading

Coming Friday… 12 Days Of!!!

12 Days Of-2018

Of the many events, I host each year, this one is probably my favorite. This is my 4th year doing the 12 Days event, I’d like to say it was my 5th, but the first year I really only gave away a few patterns at the first week in December. I’d … Continue reading

Coming In November … Christmas Is In My Heart Blog Hop…

Christmas Is In My Heart Blog Hop

Who doesn’t love the time of the year that we all remember sharing, charity, and being good to each other. Being home for Christmas is always my goal, but rarely does it happen. I’ve discovered over the years tho, that if Christmas is in your heart, you are already at … Continue reading

I Love EwE – Valentines Day For You

I know, it’s a tad early, but, if your going to make a special gift for someone, you might like to consider this 9-Inch block I have created just for this special occasion. This includes my newest technique which you can read about here. I’ve also included cutting files for … Continue reading