Wooly Block Adventure 2018 Starts Today

Wooly Block 2018

Wooly Block 2018Today is the start of one of my most favorite events on the web today. The Wooly Block Adventure. Ever since I discovered the wonderfulness in working with wool, this is the one event I look forward to all year. I wish it was bigger, that every shop participated, but it’s a small event with 69 shops participating this year.

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It’s Wooly Block Time.. Please Help?

Ruths Stitchery In Colorado Springs, COThe Wooly Block Event works mainly like the Row By Row Experience does, except instead of a row, you get a 8-inch block pattern.

Wooly Block‘s hibernation period begins December 16, so I need to ask you for your help. I’m close to finishing up the blocks I need for my project, but still won’t have enough.. If you can help by picking a kit up for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I’d really like to get some of the ones I really want, so I’m hopeful that those of you who follow me might be able to help me out here… The image you see above is the wooly block that comes from my nearest LQS.. Ruth’s Stitcheries. If your participating and would like this kit, I’ll trade it for one you can also get.

If you can get a kit, and your kit costs more than mine does, I’ll pay the difference, if your kit costs less than Ruth’s, you pay the difference.. so it’s all equal. 

If your not participating in the Wooly Block Adventure, but can get the kit, just let me know cost, tax, and shipping (most kits cost 2.64 to ship first class) and I’ll get you paid so you can pick it up.

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Wooly Block Adventure… Are You In????

Wooly Block Adventure

Wooly Block AdventureHave you heard of the Wooly Block Adventure

Created by the same people who also coordinate the Row By Row Experience, it’s a fun smaller event that is in its infancy. I believe it’s in it’s second year, where earlier this year it had less than 50 shops participate. They apparently changed the dates and now there are just under 200 shops participating. I love the theme for this one, it is Winter Wonderland, and as you know I’m moving to a winter wonderland in Colorado later this month. I’m very excited because this is just the opportunity I need to create something new for our new home.

Recently I have been involved in hoping to accumulate some blocks from the Wooly Winter Block Adventure as I want to make a lappy or two for my new home in the Wonderful Winterland of Colorado. So this adventure is just the thing to wet my willy and get me sewing. I love wool, I love winter, and I’d love all or any of you to come along and participate with me. Let’s have some fun swapping blocks. I’ll pick up some blocks from some of my new local shops, and you pick up some of yours and we’ll trade… 

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