The Newest In Boms and QALs..

Quilt Block Of The Month
Quilt Block Of The Month

I believe I’ve told you about my love of Blog Hops, Boms, and QALs before, so I thought I’d keep you aprised of some new ones I have found and a few I have missed but are still available.

I Love the Quilt Block Of The Month blog/site and it’s always my first stop when I want to check out what’s new in the world of Special Events for Quilters. She doesn’t have a logo for her site, so I played around in Corel today and made her one.

She’s earned a permanent place on my side menu, so you can always find the link their also.

The rest of these featured today were just new finds from Pinterest and Google, So please, go enjoy them, some of these are AMAZING!!!

The Fat quarters shop is very limited, you can download the files until August 14, 2015 and then they will be gone, so you’ll want to go and get that soon.

Pine Valley’s needs to be run thru a cart like interface, and you’ll want to get July’s block because it will need to be purchased tomorrow if you don’t get it today.



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  1. I wondered where those new followers came from! Thanks for posting about the site. I actually do have a logo, but I like yours better! Thanks! I almost never post something that involves money in order to play, but sometimes I do, so I’m going to check out all the ones you posted today, too. There are some that I’m following along, and I realized I forgot to post them on the blog. You’ve been a huge help.

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