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So there I was, debating what to create for this blog hop, and the only thing on my mind was Halloween and what to do with that blog hop… My mind was on the Purple People Eater… not that I ever saw the movie that this saying was made famous in, but to me, a people eater is like a monster that is purple… Ya’ll know I love monsters, so there ya have it, as my mind considered the Purple People Eater, Halloween approached and my project got done, time to move on to Art With Fabric’s project… but I still couldn’t get the Purple People Eater off my mind. So, instead, I did Snowflakes… ūüôā Purple in fact.

When I signed up for this blog hop, I thought it was simple, but I’m getting the impression that what my idea of the theme is and what Alida our host’s idea of the theme is different. To me, I thought we were supposed to create a project with our favorite color. Yep, that’s it, simple eh, but in my emails, over the last few days, I’m getting the impression I was wrong. But my project is done, nothing I can do about it now so, I’m still going to show it.

When I’ve been asked what my favorite color is, I’ve in the past said…¬†Black… I think I even once said it somewhere on this blog in a past post.¬† However, I use Purple in a lot of things I do, most of my projects have purple in them, my blog is decorated with purple, my patterns all have some purple in them also… So one might get the impression that purple is my favorite color. I’ll be honest… I don’t really have a favorite color, because I like all colors, but I can tell you my least favorites and that is blue and white. Don’t ask me why my eye just isn’t attracted to them and never has been. I’ve used those colors in projects, but they will never be the dominant color choice nor will you find a lot of that color in my projects.

Currently, my mind is on trying to get caught up with my block of the month patterns, but I set them aside to work on these projects. I’ve said since July that everything I make will become a Christmas gift and the projects today are no different.

So, here in Purple is my Purple People Eater…¬†

Snowflake PillowI gave my project a lot of thought, with winter coming and we needed new pillows for the couch I decided that if there wasn’t going to be any snow on the ground this winter (like last year) that at least I’d have some snow in the house to make me happy, and even better it won’t melt. The above is what the pillow will look like once I get a better pillow form in it. I didn’t have one big enough for this pillow, so I used some batting to put in there to give it a stuffed look… LOL, but I’ll get down to the store this week and get some pillow forms.

I created the Continous Line Snowflake Quilting patterns with artwork from Clipartopolis.
The Snail’s Trail pattern is from Electric Quilt.
I used white Aurifil thread for the quilting stitch.
Island Batik Fabrics were used in this project.

The pillows are the only project I’m keeping for myself, but because I said I like all colors, I made a little rainbow¬†also … which this is a Christmas gift.

Winners CircleThis project was done entirely in my embroidery hoop.
The design is from Kreative Kiwi
With the exception of the black fabric, all fabrics are from Island Batik in the above project.

I’ve made many of Heather’s projects and normally love each one of them, but this one above, called the Winner’s Circle caused me nothing but problems.¬† Between all the shredded thread I ended up using all of a new spool of thread, and far more bobbins than it should have taken. The project itself goes together well, but because she uses such heavy quilting in this project and another stitch on top of the zigzag (which is common in her designs, but this design just wreaked havoc with the thread) Once I started bypassing the top stitch on the zigzag stitch, my thread problems ended. I’ll show you a close up below…

Closeup of Winner's Circle

You can see the quilting stitches and top stitch on the zigzag in the larger image of this project by clicking on the image.

In the black fabric area, the quilting is very heavy, a circle from what I can tell of the quilting. It’s so dark and with the black thread you really can’t see the quilting well even on the project right in front of me, but the quilting is the same stitch as what is in the center of the table mat also.

What I love about doing Heather’s designs is that you can get a larger project than what your largest hoop size may be. For this project, I used my 8×14 hoop, but the project is around 15-inches in diameter when finished.

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15 thoughts on “The Purple People Eater… Art With Fabric Blog Hop…

  1. How funny that your least favorite color is blue… that happens to be mine. ūüôā And purple is one that looks nice, but I don’t really use. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Marian! Two things – one purple IS my favorite color! And two, this reminded me of the song Purple People Eater. Now I’m going to be singing that all day!! LOL Thanks for sharing. Love your snowflake quilting design too.

  3. Absolutely beautiful project! Thanks for sharing all your thoughts and the insights about how the project came together. As the hostess of the blog hop, I am sorry if I wasn’t clear communicating with you and I gave you the impression that you did something wrong! I just had the “favorite color” theme as a subtheme of the main “art” theme, but as long as we create and share and inspire, that’s all that matters to me! Thanks for being part of the blog hop!!

  4. I really like your continuous line snowflakes, Marian. You are so brave quilting in white on purple! That’s a great purple design, whatever inspired it. The rings also are really wonderful, and the recipient will love having that.

  5. Cute Purple People Eater pillows and theme. Beautiful ME table topper. Sorry it wasn’t a fun stitchout. I’ve been wanting to create with that particular design, but now I’m not so sure.

  6. thank you for showing your pillow. it is lovely. i love most all colors also. purple is at the top of the list though. Black and white are my least favorites, maybe because one is the absence of color and one is all colors but i don’t see them, lol.

  7. Great use of your theme actually, without having to really show off a monster! The theme is truly interpretive and I love that you went off kilter with it! Kudos!

  8. Living in Minnesota, the Purple People Eater makes me think the Minnesota Vikings, as that reference was used for them some years ago. Anyway, your pillow is a beauty!

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