The Road Home Row Along and Sulky Threads and Nancy’s Notions..

SulkyAmongst my favorite thread manufacturers, I have loved Sulky threads ever since I discovered their multicolored and metallic thread colors. Back again this year, Sulky returns to offer visitors of the Road Home Row Along an absolutely wonderful sampler of their threads. It includes everything in the kitchen sink.

This is an amazing pack of sampler threads, with metallics, rayons, cotton, polyesters, with one of their really wonderful storage boxes to boot.

You can see everything in this thread box under the contents tab on this page at the Sulky website. Total Retail Value is $189.99 to $235.00

This giveaway has a US entrant restriction for shipping, however if you are not from the USA, and willing to pay shipping, you may feel free to enter.

Another favorite place to shop for me is Nancy’s Notions.

Nancy's NotionsThey are offering again this year a $10.00 off gift certificate while shopping at Nancy’s Notions.

Coming Monday is Sam In Japan and Greece, if you haven’t voted yet, you’ll want to get that done, I’m pretty surprised at how the voting has gone so far.. so if you haven’t voted for Australia or Antartica, go and get it done. The voting ends Sunday night July 18, at 11:59 pm est.

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There was a typo yesterday on the dates for Summer Sensations, please recheck the schedule if your following that blog hop. I had used weekend dates, and since I try not to post on weekends, those of you who marked your schedules, please notice that those dates have changed to the Monday and Tuesday after at July 25 and July 26.


5 thoughts on “The Road Home Row Along and Sulky Threads and Nancy’s Notions..

  1. Wow, that’s some prize from Sulky! Very nice to have a GC from Nancy’s Notions, too. That’s an amazing pot of prizes you have toted up! Both those patterns are adorable, and so hard to choose!

    1. I love the thread, and they have a wonderful assortment of threads of various types, if you do any machine embroidery, or embellishment work, Sulky is definitely one of the types you should give a nod to, it’s really nice thread. They have a nice long life, and Sulky has been in business for more than twenty years.

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