The Top 5 Best of 2015 At Seams To Be Sew…

2015's Best..

2015 has been a year of achievements for Seams To Be Sew.. Prior to 2015, the most I could say I’d accomplished with my blog were the Little Treasures Block of the Month, and participation in blog hops along with the various tutorials I’ve added over the last 2 1/2 years since I opened my blog.

It’s been an amazing year of fun, making friends, and really seeing where my blog is headed. It’s not that I think 2013 and 2014 were low point years, they weren’t, I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved on my blog over the years, I just know that 2015 was really a banner year for me. For one, I posted far more than I’d ever posted before in 2015, with over one hundred posts in 2015 alone, I barely went over that in 2013 and 2014 combined.

I decided to write this post because Meadow Mist

Best of 2015 Linky Party

is doing a linky party with other blogs participating in there best 5 posts of 2015. I’m especially proud of what 2015 has brought, so I wanted to reflect back on the year in general.

My first and probably most proudest moment this year was the launch of EQ Seasons. This was an amazing Row Along which featured 20 quilters around the web, offering a row pattern for free during the six week run of the Row Along. Electric Quilt was the main emphasis of the Row Along, we used that software exclusively to create the rows, and offered tutorials to help others out with the software. Many companies offered great giveaways during this event, and we had a really amazing time learning from each other.

EQ Seasons Row AlongThe image links to the entire set of posts for EQ Seasons. If you missed it, many of the rows are still available, many are still free, where others are charging a nominal fee for them.

2015 BoWClicking the image will take you to the series of posts for Oh Holy Night.

Oh Holy Night would be my second favorite time of the year. I was pretty proud of myself with this Block of the Week… well it started out as weekly, but ended up being bi-weekly for awhile during EQ Seasons, and then finished on time with weekly updates in October.

This is my favorite project thus far since opening my blog. I am absolutely in love with it. I sent it away to be quilted in the states, and it will be at my sisters once it’s finished for me to pick up when we go to the states in 2016. I wanted to quilt it myself, but it’s just to big for the area I sew in, so because I wanted it finished, I chose to send it away to be quilted. I miss it.

My third favorite posting of the year…

Row By Row Experiencethe Row by Row Experience Links located here. It may have started out with a critical review, but it turned out to be quite fun with bloggers pitching in and helping others find the free rows being offered on the web.

It might seem strange that a blog hop would be my 4th best posts of the year,

Halloween Haunts 2015Clicking the image will take you to the series of posts for Halloween Haunts

but the reasons I’ve chosen it, is because it’s my first hosted blog hop.

After participating in 19 blog hops, prior to Halloween Haunts, I truly missed them, I wanted to continue, and while I knew other blog hops had been happening around the web, I seemed to keep missing the ability to participate.

I love visiting them, because I love seeing the creativity by the crafters. It is truly an inspiration to see what others can come up with.

But participating in a blog hop is an experience on it’s own. I don’t think of myself as being very creative, but I enjoy trying. Sometimes it works out, other times it doesn’t. Part of having a blog is being willing to hear the good with the bad, and I can take both. So I hosted my first blog hop also.

Christmas Is In My Heart came after Halloween Haunts and was a lot of fun. I’ll be continuing blog hops thru 2016 with Nuts About being the first one of the year in 2016.

Both Halloween Haunts and Christmas in my Heart along with EQ Seasons were kindly sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop, and I am truly appreciative that they are so generous to help with events that aren’t necessarily their own. I was truly humbled and honored that they gave us a nod.

Fat Quarter Shop

Now deciding on that 5th post was extremely difficult, but since I know Sue and Sam are going to be a hilight for 2016, I’ve decided to go with…

Quiltart&STBS-12daysbecause my dear friend Janeen participated in this with me, and even tho we both knew we were going to do a Christmas event, it wasn’t until Janeen posted a note on her blog about her Christmas event and I wrote and we agreed to do it together.

What a blast this was, even in the face of my internet going down for week, I was able to find a way to get them posted and done on time.

The very best part of 2015 tho is not the posts, or the events, or even all the work involved maintaining a blog, it was you.. You are the very reason I am still here blogging away. Without your visits, encouragement, compliments, and other comments, I honestly have no idea whether I would have continued on. So from me, to you, a great big


Bear Hug For Ya’ll

To Darlene, and Susan, who opened your heart to a new friend this year, thank you. I truly feel blessed to have you become one of my friends.

Stop In Tomorrow, I’ve a New Year’s surprise planned.

so with that said, Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016


16 thoughts on “The Top 5 Best of 2015 At Seams To Be Sew…

  1. Happy New Year! If you would like to guest blog on Quilting Focus to talk about what you are doing and increase your profile, let me know. Perhaps in our What’s New in Quilting

    1. I’m glad you offered the linky, I haven’t had many chances to do linky’s, I think they are fun, but I often don’t know where to look for them either.

  2. Great post! Congrats on everything, sounds like you had an awesome year! Thanks again for all you have shared and for bringing us together for these hops.

    1. thank you Cynthia, I did have a lot of fun with 12 Days, it was pretty cool to just go to Janeen’s blog and see which one she had posted for the day also. I enjoyed the comments people noted about each tree and was happy that people were enjoying them.

  3. I am absolutely astounded at how far you have jumped ahead in what you are doing and realy admire you. Well done!
    So looking forward to going through 2016 with you.

  4. Ooooh, a surprise! I love surprises! Your blog has become a must-read-it for me, even though sometimes I’m a day or two behind. I appreciate all you have shared this year and I really look forward to the hop and to Sue and Sam! I hope you’ve celebrated, or are about to, a very happy new year! I’m thankful for your friendship, and look forward to many years of it! I’ll be back tomorrow to see what you are up to.

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