Thermoweb Joins The Road Home Row Along.. Surprises and A RBR Link..

ThermowebOne of our favorite companies for fusible’s and interfacings is joining us with a wonderful bundle of their products for a giveaway during The Road Home Row Along. I’m very excited they are offering this giveaway and I think you will be too.

More news inside including a free pattern, and an RBR Link…

Therm-o-web is offering a beautiful bundle with a $60.00. This is pretty cool, it’s a sampling of the various products they offer, I know I sure wouldn’t mind having these in my stash.

thermowebWhat you see above is what you’ll get, and while this giveaway is open to all, if you live overseas, and because of US Federal Regulations about sprays being shipped overseas, the sprays will be substituted with a different product of equal value.

Intro Priced at $5.00 until August 26, 2016
Free Download Expires August 26, 2016

This was to be ready at the start of the Olympics, but I have been so busy I just didn’t get time to finish it. I have now finished the medallion in the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Travel The World Block Of The Month and you can download the free version of the pattern inside this post.

The stick people are the free version of the pattern. I’ve added two other choices to pattern for those who’d like to have a choice of medallions. I really debated about which to offer for the free pattern as I changed my mind about what i wanted around the earth shape of the pattern during the creation of the process. In the end, I chose to go with what I originally offered at the first of the year, because that’s what’s shown in all the documentation throughout the Block Of The Month series this year.

The Hands and Sunbonnet Sue and Sam’s are additional choices you can use instead of the stick people. All of the blocks are a 24×24 finished block size. Cutting Files are included with the purchased version. No embroidery is needed in any of the patterns.

The cutting files in the medallion pattern do not include cutting files for the Layout & Embroidery Guide. It is just not feasible, the block is so large that no cutting machine for the home market could print it out accurately, so I didn’t create one.

I’ve also added another link for the Row By Row Free patterns. My friend Susan turned me on to it. I have updated the RBR page with the link, and the instruction on how to download it.

Please consider joining Joan at Moose Stash Quilting and I for Simply Sign Me

Simply Sign Me
If you’re thinking of participating, signups expire soon.
The first week of September, so please come and join us soon.

Signups are being taken for

Eerie Nights BH
If you’re having problems with the form, I have created a new page for the form, but you can also just send me an email to signup and include the information that the form asks for.

Coming In under 3 Weeks
Starting September 6, 2016

stbs-Road Home tall bannerI can promise you, you do not want to miss any day of this Row Along. The rows this year like last year are absolutely AMAZING!!!

I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend and now that the Olympics are coming to an end, I’ll get back to the regular business of blogging, sewing, and the tv will be turned off for another two years until the Winter Olympics come along. 🙂



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  1. So much excitement ahead! I think you chose the right one for the free pattern. Thanks so much. They are all wonderful, but that is the one that’s been in my mind since the start..

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