This Is So Sew Darn Kewl!!

Backgammon Game Board_1

Isn’t this sew darn kewl!!

I love playing backgammon. I have loved playing it since I was about 19 and was sneaking into bars.. yes.. I was a black sheep.. and I loved it, glad I did it, and I have no regrets..

I don’t often talk about my personal life on my blog, it’s just something I don’t see the need to do when I really want my blog to be about my sewing life. But once in awhile, something comes along that I just think is cool.. This is kewl!! I was over at Fandom Stitches sunday afternoon just visiting Yertle the Turtle and I ended up going to the main page when I saw the metronome, the pattern is a free download on Craftsy, and so I went to download it to. I always look at the designers page when I find a new one on Craftsy to see what else they offer and their it was calling out to me, a backgammon board pattern.. so for a mere $4.75, I bought the pattern.. I intend to make it, little good it will do me, my hubby doesn’t like to play Backgammon, but I figure it’s fabric, I can roll it up and have it travel with me when I go to see my sis who does not mind playing me. I’m not an expert at backgammon, but I consider myself a pretty good player, I love playing it and once in awhile when I’m on Facebook, I’ll even go and play a game or two.  In the very early days of the internet their was a service where you could play backgammon, I think it was called FIBS.. I played for hours and hours and hours, I even got to meet one of the players I played often and he taught me quite a bit. Peter lives in Sweden. At the time he was going to college, but he went to Oceanside for a week or two to visit one of the other ladies he played and I went down for a weekend. It was great fun, my first time visiting a beach and I really enjoyed it. I remember those days well. Back then I was in my 30’s. 🙂

Either or, you just never know what your going to find on Craftsy, so many great designers with patterns and I’ll be honest when I say I think they need better categories on Craftsy for all the pattern designers. It’s quite hard to find patterns their and with so many great patterns you’d think they would make it easier for people to find them.

A huge thank you to Jennifer, without your Metronome post, I’d never have found the backgammon board pattern, and to Angela for making such a kewl pattern.


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