Three Years Ago Today…

Seams To Be Sew 2013-04

Seams To Be Sew 2013-04

Three years ago today, I opened my blog. It started with this post. Well, that’s not true.. it actually started with this post and it went from their. At the time, I had just started learning Electric Quilt after having owned it for years and years, and just never doing anything with it. I had already been working on quilting again, prior to that, having to purchase a few supplies I didn’t bring overseas with me, and I definitely didn’t have the fabric storage that I needed for quilting either. It’s all still stored away in San Diego. I was thinking of opening a blog at the time I wrote Bea, but I just hadn’t planned on doing it so quickly, thus, the design of my blog was quite simple. I had no clue how WordPress worked as a blogging platform, and I honestly have to admit, I never even gave Blogger a consideration, not because of anything other than the things I read about on other blogs at the time and issues people had with Blogger. So I tried WordPress and it has been interesting. It’s not that WordPress is difficult to learn, but it is setup quite differently from other platform scripts I have tried in the past. In fact, I still like Joomla better, but, Joomla was never meant to be a blogging script and that’s the difference really.

I didn’t post very much in those first few months, I basically did Bea’s EQ blog hop and I didn’t do another one until much later in the year. Like most people who start a blog, they don’t really know what to talk about or say each day. Still, I just didn’t get the whole blogging thing, I did get better, but I still have a hard time writing a post. It’s like my tutorials, I don’t usually know what I’m going to say prior to them, I just have to put my voice to the video with the mouse and the recording and go from their.. That’s probably why they tend to run so long. hehe… It’s like a post, I normally have no idea, even with this one, I just start letting my fingers do the typing and my mind the thinking and that’s where I end up going.

I know that three years isn’t much of an anniversary, there are many more blogs online that have been online much longer than mine has, and I admire them for being able to keep going. I have been better at posting daily, but I’ll never have a blog where I post 365 days in the year, and I doubt I’ll ever have a blog where I’ll have posted 260 days either.

I’m not a fan of posting on weekends, my hubby is home, and I want to spend that time with him, even tho we usually do things such as cleaning, or working around the house, or even just talking, and enjoying each others company. Yes, sometimes I’ll be sewing  or computing.. and he’ll be doing the same, or playing Madden football on the WII, and now the Xbox but we are still together and I appreciate that time with him. That’s why this post is scheduled as well as tomorrows post.

I have a little gift for you today for stopping in to visit.. He’s going to be free until next Friday April 15, my hubby’s birthday, and tax day in the USA.

I’ve saved this one for this anniversary

a Little Treasures Bonus Boy,
from my first Block Of The Month that I held in 2014

This is the last boy in the series
Two bonus blocks are left to be offered soon

Little Treasures Bonus 6

Click Me To Download the Free Pattern (pdf download only)

Little Treasures Bonus 6

Click to purchase machine embroidery and SVG cutting files on Payhip.

If you wish to purchase at Craftsy, click here. (Vat users, please use Payhip)
Pricing is $2.00 until next friday when the pattern will go up to it’s normal price.
The zip contains the full pdf pattern also.

For those of you eyeing a few of my other patterns, all patterns in my Payhip Shop are 30% off thru April 15, 2016

Use this coupon code to receive your discount: STBS3rdAnniversary

Artwork for this series of blocks is by Graphics and Graphics

This is a fun history of my site over the years
I first purchased this domain in July 2002.

At the time I did it because we’d moved overseas, were living in Germany and I didn’t want to depend on a provider email address, so I registered this domain simply to use an email address of marian (at) this I no longer use that email, but eventually I built a site for my web development business.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered my host had suspended my site.. and a few short months later, I opened a blog, and it’s been that ever since that time.

With the exception of the Christmas and my current theme, all of the artwork I’ve used on my sites has been from Graphics and Graphics. I have always loved Gabry’s artwork. I wish she still created artwork.

My current theme’s artwork the header is from Raggedy Scrappin.
and the background crazy patch is from Graphic Stock.

I like to change my blog looks, I get tired of the same old look all of the time, I have to admit, I have really enjoyed my current theme, but it’s growing old on me at this point so soon, I will again try to find something that works well again for a year or so.

Don’t forget to vote for Sunbonnet Sue and Sam USA or Canada for May’s release.

I thank you for stopping in today and enjoying a piece of my blogging and my sites history.


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10 Responses to Three Years Ago Today…

  1. Avatarsusan says:

    Happy Anniversary! 3 years is definitely a milestone, and you’re still here! I’m grateful for that. Thanks for the cute little boy. He’s darling!

    It’s right that you should spend time with your husband on the weekends, since that’s the time that works for you. Paul and I used to do separate things together, too. =)

  2. AvatarSally M says:

    Congrats on 3 years Marian. You’ve enriched al of us, thank you. Love the wee boy.

  3. AvatarElizabeth Balcom says:

    Congrat’s on 3 years! I for one am very glad. I love the amazing things you post and your blog is the first one i check out. It is wonderful that you keep time back for your family. In my book they come first. Here’s to hoping you have 3 or more years posting.
    Elizabeth in Silverdale, WA

  4. AvatarJoyce Carter says:

    Congratulations on your blogaversary Marian! I really enjoy reading your post. You always share so much useful information as well as so many beautiful patterns. (I want to thank you for those.) I have learned a lot from you so I appreciate every thing you do for us.

  5. AvatarLori Smanski says:

    Happy Bloggaversary!!! I really enjoy your posts when I get them. I agree with the weekends. That is also my time with my husband. Thank you for this little boy. He is so adorable. I love your blog header, look forward to what you find for it in the future. Thanks for sharing your blog history, so much fun. You are a very busy lady.

  6. AvatarMary says:

    Happy blogaversary, Marian. You have come a long way in such a short period of time.

  7. AvatarAnna says:

    Your a busy, busy girl!! Thanks for all the great patterns you give to us and may your days be full of happiness!!

  8. AvatarMary Furber says:

    Thank you for all you do and all you share. I always look forward to your posts.

  9. Avataremily c says:

    I love reading your history. You & hubby sound like me and my hubby, except we usually hang out at night after I get back from work and my post time is on the weekend as he is a day sleeper. I am very curious to see what you decide on for a new theme. congratulations on 3 years. Many stop posting.

    • AvatarMarian says:

      I’m pretty much a day sleeper myself, it is difficult sometimes, I’ve always been a night owl to be honest, but never to the extent that I have been while living overseas. I just like the “dark” a lot. It does make it hard to do doctors appointments and such, but I usually get it all worked out. All I can say about my coming new theme is that it will have purple in it.. I always try to add some purple in everything I do. 🙂

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