Today, I will Reveal…. a teeny tiny, eensy weensy little… hmmm…

its a secretToday, I’m going to reveal a secret I’ve kept most of the year… You all are so lucky to get in on this big reveal, I can’t wait to spill the beans, but first, you gotta promise, when you look inside this post, you’ll keep the big secret to yourselves. 🙂

So, go ahead, have a peek… and tell me what you think…

Did you know that I have over 5000 images on my blog, 2,816 of them I have taken myself? Nope, that’s not the big reveal, but it is impressive eh!!

So, tomorrow is my day on the My Happy Place Row A long and I’ve decided to let you have a teeny eensy, tiny little peek at my row…

A little Secret...There it is in all it’s glory, getting ready for the edges to be turned.

It’s all done now, but it was fun to put this one together.

That’s the big reveal.

However, lets have your best guess.

What could my row possibly be, and for those of you who know,
no fair spilling the beans. :p

Leave your comments,
I can’t wait for you to reveal your thoughts!!!

Cya Tomorrow

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17 Responses to Today, I will Reveal…. a teeny tiny, eensy weensy little… hmmm…

  1. AvatarRonelle says:

    I was thinking a flower of some kind, then I thought maybe a Sunbonnet Sue theme, or maybe…..
    I give up! I’m just SO excited to see what it is.
    Thank you for the wonderful row along, Marian, and for the fun tease.

  2. AvatarSheila of WhiteBearQuilts says:

    A tiki hut? I can’t wait to see what it is!

  3. AvatarSusan says:

    I was going to say they looked like bananas too, but your reply to Joan tells me they are not. So maybe your happy place is scuba diving.

  4. AvatarSusan says:

    I’m guessing down by the riverside. =) Thanks for this great row along. It’s been fun so far, though I got behind being gone on vacation last week. I’m catching up slowly.

  5. AvatarMarti Morgan says:

    I’m thinking it is a pictorial of the sea, ski, sun and trees.

  6. AvatarSAndi says:

    I’m guessing flowers in Hawaii or some tropical place.

  7. AvatarVelda Roy says:

    I think it may be a palm tree in the moon light…

  8. AvatarRuthie Peterburg says:

    They look like flower leaves, I also see the number 71 on one of them. My goodness what are you going to make with so many leaves.

  9. AvatarRuthie Peterburg says:

    The look like flower leaves, I also see the number 71 on one of them. My goodness hat are you going to make with so many leaves.

  10. Avatarjean a buchanan says:

    Looks like palm leaves but the blue pear has me puzzled?
    Can’t wait to see what is is.

  11. AvatarMary Crowther says:

    looks like Grass, have fun stitching your Row

  12. AvatarSharon Aurora says:

    Spilling the beans? hmm.. Coffee beans? green beans? a cup of coffee? a garden?

  13. AvatarJoyce Carter says:

    Marian, you are such a big tease! They kinda look like flower petals, but knowing you, I am probably way off base. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  14. AvatarJoan says:

    Hummm…very interesting. I would day they look like banana peels except they aren’t yellow or brown which is usually what happens here! LOL!!

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