Today Is Furry Friday with TQPM and Island Batiks and more News…

Furry FridaysLast month, you may remember my post about Island Batik’s February project for our little Furry Friends with the Kennel Quilts.

What I’d forgotten to note in that post was that the free pattern I gave away has both the Catfish and the Dog Bone in the same pattern on Craftsy.

But in the last week or so, the really nice surprise came in my email with the patterns I created getting created by Lisa P.

She is new to quilting, but she is dropping the kennel quilts she made at her local kennel. How cool is that.. wanna see them… have a look…

Aren’t these awesome, and what a fun way for anyone to use up scraps because these little kennel quilts are all only 12×18, you can easily use up old leftover squares, swap blocks, scraps, panels, just anything and then left over batting, flannel, and fleece to fill them with.

When you make these kennel quilts, to give to your local shelters or send them to shelters that need them, consider the guidelines that TQPM has made so that you get the best possible kennel quilt for the pet they are giving them to.

As Lucy said to me in her email… perhaps pick up some dog food or cat food and take it with you to the shelter.. Who knows, you may save a pet that day…

Bristol and Carlee are looking for new homes. I hope you can help them, if not, please consider spreading the word, even if you share their info on your FB page, perhaps someone can help them out.

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2 thoughts on “Today Is Furry Friday with TQPM and Island Batiks and more News…

  1. Two adorable pets, and two wonderful kennel quilts! I support a charity through Pallets of Pet Food on Greater Good’s Animal Rescue Site. It costs only $9/month to donate 100 pounds of pet food to rescue shelters. Many other ways to help, from $1 up, are shown on Gifts That Give More for the same cause. It can be one time, or it can be monthly.

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