How To Add A Link To Your Images

stbs-Blogger-Link Images-16In almost all of the images on my site with the exception of tutorials/lessons where they are image based, I link my images to another site or page on my site. This is standard practice for me, I do it all of the time, so it’s a standard thing for me to do. If I don’t link to an image, it will either open in a larger window, or it won’t open at all, it’s just embedded into the page. There are times for me, where I do not want the person to have the ability to see a larger image, let’s call it the protective side of my nature in wanting to protect the image itself, I do this mostly on my block of the month pages. I purposely make the image small, I don’t watermark because most plugins watermark all images on your site and I don’t want to watermark images on my site that belong to other people as it looks like I’m claiming copyright to an image when they get watermarked, so I prefer not to watermark. If I could find a watermarking plugin that let me choose the images to add a watermark, I’d use it in a heartbeat.

Yet, when I visit other blogs, many times the images link to the larger image. This is good when you want to see a larger image of the project or the lesson images. However, I see many times when bloggers in particular could link their images to other links instead of a larger image.

With giveaways, I ask my bloggers to link to rafflecopters script when they can’t get the widget to show up on their site, with that in mind, I’ve decided to create a tutorial that will allow them to see how this is done easily.

The first example is in my script. The blogger how to is here.

Whether you use, or this process is the same:

Please note, that I use plugins in my blog that help me keep my images organized, so my display may look differently from yours, but it is basically the same. and
Blogger is below this tutorial

stbs-WP-Link Images-01

Step 1

stbs-WP-Link Images-02

Step 2

stbs-WP-Link Images-03

Step 3

stbs-WP-Link Images-04

Step 4

stbs-WP-Link Images-05Step 5

stbs-WP-Link Images-06Step 6

stbs-WP-Link Images-07Step 7

stbs-WP-Link Images-08Step 8

stbs-WP-Link Images-09Step 9

stbs-WP-Link Images-10

Once you have followed these steps, you can preview your image and check to be sure the link is working properly.

Once your done with your post, publish or schedule it to post and it’s ready to go.

This lesson was written pretty quickly as my time was pretty limited today, if you don’t understand something, please leave me a comment or use my contact form, I’ll do my best to make it easier to understand.

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