How To Set Up Rafflecopter For Your Blog Sweepstakes

2015-0824-2124 Image 001Recently, I found myself in a position where I was hosting my very first Quilt Along. I was very excited and decided that the bloggers who were participating would also like to have giveaways for their featured day of the Quilt Along.

I have a new found respect for all the people who come before me and who come after me for coordinating a Quilt Along, a Blog Hop, or any kind of event where it brings people to your  blogs to not only see new techniques, patterns, projects or even rows in a quilt. The sheer amount of work involved is for me worth it. I’ve loved every minute, but don’t think it’s easy, because it’s not. their is a huge amount of work involved. I’ll leave that for another posting.

There are many factors involved with doing a “giveaway” which by law should be called a “sweepstakes”.  When I think of the word “sweepstakes” I think of lottery, so to me, a sweepstakes is not a giveaway, but I guess if Random House can give away a sweepstakes, quilters can do it to. hehe…

Up front and foremost, I will note, get your facts straight, know what kind of “giveaway” your going to offer. Before you decide to offer any kind of giveaway/sweepstakes, please take a few moments and read this post about giveaways, sweepstakes, contests etc… There are quite a few posts about this very issue, but the above link’s post really spoke to me. I understood it clearly in a way that I didn’t with other posts.

The best way once you decide to offer a sweepstakes on your blog to give away gifts offered by sponsors and the most fair way is by using a service called Rafflecopter.

While you can probably find widgets or extensions/addons for your wordpress or blogger type site, Rafflecopter not only allows you to setup your giveaway easily, it makes it easy to add to your blog and automatically chooses the winner for you.

The first thing you should do is write your post, get it completely done and looking the way you want it to. Next, open your browser and go to the Rafflecopter website.

Because this post became very long, I have split it up into sections. All links will be at the bottom of each page so you can just go to the next part of the lesson. All links will open in a new tab/window, unless you use the “On To Lesson” link that will be listed first.

Test Code For Adding Rafflecopter To Your Blogs.

Lesson 01: How To Create A Account on Rafflecopter And/Or Sign In To Your Account.
Lesson 02: Create A Giveaway
Lesson 03: Terms & Conditions
Lesson 04: Options For People Can Enter By
Lesson 05: Scheduling Your Giveaway
Lesson 06: Preview & Install Part 01 – Previewing
Lesson 07: Preview and Install Part 02 – Embedding
Lesson 08: Add The Code To Your Blog
Lesson 09: Add The Code To Blogger
Lesson 10: Add The Code To WordPress
Lesson 11: How To Look At Entries
Lesson 12: Tips For Rafflecopter Giveaways
Lesson 13: How To Enter A Rafflecopter Giveaway
Lesson 14: How To Enter Multiple Blog Giveaways

 This is a “real” Test Giveaway, Give it A Try

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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