HTSURFYBS-Lesson 11: How To Look At Entries

If you’d like to look at the entries in Rafflecopter, this will explain a bit about how they work.

Moderate Entries

Rafflecopter 132


Click on the Entries tab

Rafflecopter 133


It will open the page

Rafflecopter 134

Go to Moderate Entries

and click on Show Me The Entries

Rafflecopter 124

It will list all the enteries so far. (I’ve hidden my email address to protect my email addresses).

Rafflecopter 125

If you need to close the window, you can do so over where my hand cursor is in the lower right of the image.

What if you need to add an entry?

Rafflecopter 133

Click the + Add Entries link in the green background.

Rafflecopter 134

A popup window appears

Rafflecopter 135

Fill in the info the best you can.

Click Save and then click Close (you could probably close without the other button but I didn’t test that)

Rafflecopter 136

Your entry will now appear in the spreadsheet window.

What if you need to disqualify a recipient?

Rafflecopter 132

Hilight the entry by checking the name(s) of the entries that need to remove, then click the x Remove Entries link in the Orange background.


Export A CSV

If you’d like to export a list of the entrants,

Rafflecopter 126

you can do this by clicking on the Export Entries To Excel Button.

Rafflecopter 127

Rafflecopter will then give you the info in the image above.

Rafflecopter 130

When it’s ready, you’ll then receive an email with the link to your csv download.

Rafflecopter 130

Save it to where you will find it easily

Rafflecopter 131


You can then feel free to look at the csv file. You need spreadsheet software installed to view .csv files.


When Your Ready To Pick A Winner!!

Rafflecopter 129

Click on + Add A Random Winner

The text is deceiving because it actually chooses your winner, so wait until you need to pick the winner for this.

Rafflecopter 128

As you can see, you can do various things here with this window

Email them, and if it turns out you need to disqualify them, you can do that to.

Rafflecopter 133

You can edit your winner via the main page for Entries

If your giveaway has more than one winner, you can click the next +Add A Random Winner button and it chooses a second winner.

If you wish to display the winners on the rafflecopter box once the winners have been announced, you can come back to this window and choose to do so. The giveaway has to be over for you to pick that option.

They will show up like this

Rafflecopter 134

The above image was taken from Rafflecopters site as I haven’t had a winner yet via Rafflecopter on my blog.


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