HTSURFYBS-Lesson 13: How To Enter A Rafflecopter Giveaway

So you’ve landed on a page with a giveaway… I hope you win..

So let me help you better your odds of winning by entering the giveaway, if you don’t enter, your odds of winning just went to 0 chances.

There are two giveaway type options on this page, enter them both to see how they work.

There are NO actual prizes, it just allows you the opportunity to be sure your entered in a giveaway.
Rafflecopter 78

 I didn’t make this lesson with the idea of tying my name to Facebook. When you use facebook to login, your exposing your account, and not only your account, but your name, address, phone, groups your in, games you play, your “likes” and probably many other things I’d just prefer not to give away to just anyone.

Using the email option, let me give you a tip. If you enter giveaways, make a yahoo, hotmail or gmail email account specifically for giveaways. All of these allow you to download to your email software or check easily just by logging into your accounts.

The email address is the better option because it allows us to email you easily, no one has access to your email but Rafflecopter and the person offering the giveaway, and they will only be passing the info on to sponsor who is providing the giveaway.

Don’t expose your Facebook account unnecessarily, Protect it at all costs.. It’s to easy for hackers especially to get into a Facebook account.

Rafflecopter 79

So, click on the Login button

Logging into Rafflecopter is just a way to enter to give your info. It’s not a login like you would normally use a login for with a password. No password is necessary.

Rafflecopter 80

Type in your name and a valid email address. Click Log In.

Rafflecopter 81

 Some giveaways will want you to do something in order to enter.

If clicking anywhere in the button where the Test Answer text appears, click on the arrow where the purple arrow is pointing.Rafflecopter 82

In the above case, you need to answer a question.

Rafflecopter 83

Answer the question and in the above case, the answer is wrong.

Click Enter

Rafflecopter 84

You’ll know your entered in 4 ways

Rafflecopter 86

With the purple arrow, the number will go up
With the gren arrow, a checkmark will appear
With the red arrow, it will show a checkmark by the “Test Answer” and if the giveaway allows you to come back and re-enter, you can come back the next day and enter again.
The Blue arrow will show you that you have entered Rafflecopter 85

and how many entries you’ve entered with. Click on the menu entery to see how many you have. You can also Log Out. 

Congratulations, you’ve just entered the giveaway, your chances of winning have just increased.

Below are two different giveaways, try them.

This is a “real” Test Giveaway, Give it A Try

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Comment Giveaways

When you enter a comment giveaway, you first login to like you did before,

Rafflecopter 90

Go create your comment, be sure you use the same email address you used to login to rafflecopter with.

Rafflecopter 88


you then leave the comment,

Rafflecopter 91

If the comment should need approval, I’m fairly sure Rafflecopter still adds the entry, so do not worry that you didn’t get entered, but you can always come back to check later also after your comment has been approved. Just log in, it will tell you.

Rafflecopter 87

then go back to the giveaway box and click it to enter.

Rafflecopter 89

Click on the button “I Commented” and..

You are now entered in the giveaway. Check like before and see if your entered.

If you leave your comment prior to entering, you lose the ability to enter, so you want to do it in between the login and entering. You could always enter a second comment, but you may want to say in your comment your leaving that comment for the giveaway, otherwise the owner of the blog may delete what might be a duplicate comment.

Try this Test Comment Giveaway to see how it works.

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

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14 thoughts on “HTSURFYBS-Lesson 13: How To Enter A Rafflecopter Giveaway

  1. I think it is hilarious that we need a tutorial on how to enter the give-aways! Thanks for doing this to help those of us who could not figure it out on our own!

    1. I guess your right, but I actually made this more for me, because I have had difficulties in the past actually entering Rafflecopter giveaways, so I figured perhaps if I had problems, maybe others did to and because I made how to create them, I decided to add the page for how to enter them also. 🙂

  2. EQ seasons will be fun! Thank you host Marian) (and all participating for all your hard work getting this ready. The chance at give aways is a neat idea. Hugs!

  3. Ok my keyboard on my camera didn’t come up to leave a comment for the entry.
    So I’ll leave a comment here. Excited about the EQ row . Can’t wait to start. And thanks to everyone who made it possible.

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