HTSURFYBS-Lesson 14: How To Enter Multiple Blog Giveaways

This giveaway is based on commenting as part of the ability to enter.

This giveaway is based differently than other commenting options at Rafflecopter, it is based somewhat on the honor system. However, because of how it is designed, it’s up to the owner of the Entry box at Rafflecopter (in this case it would be Seams To Be Sew/Marian Pena) to check that the entries are validated and legitimate. I will check, if you think I won’t, your kidding yourself. I wouldn’t want to have lost a giveaway to someone who hadn’t actually done what they should have and the owner just didn’t bother to check. I am not that kind of person. If someone is going to win, they will do it legitimately. I will check, and you can count on that.

If your not sure I will check, as an example, in EQ Seasons Craftsy and Nancys’s Notions giveaway, their were 64 entries, but only 41 actual photos at the time on the Flickr group site. Three people did not win because I couldn’t find their entry on Flickr, so I asked for another winner to be chosen. I checked every entry. If their’d been 600, I would have checked every entry, because I firmly believe giveaways should be fair.

You may not like my philosophy about this, but I absolutely refuse to allow someone to win who doesn’t do it fairly. If you don’t like how I do things, you do not have to enter giveaways offered by Seams To Be Sew.

That said, I’ll get on with the how to’s of this giveaway. It’s pretty straight forward and works like most, it’s just a little different.

As the saying goes, this tutorial is mostly based on images.

A picture speaks a thousand words…

Click the images to view a larger image.
(This page needs to be fully loaded a little “expand” icon will appear on the image when you can read it in the larger form) After clicking the image, follow the arrows (clicking) to see each image)

[envira-gallery id=”23370″]

The following example is based on this giveaway. It will not expire and is a sample giveaway, give it a try as you follow the tutorial. If you can’t see the box, click here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


If you leave a browser window open on any site where you can see the box, you can easily fill in your comments, and then enter the giveaway for that site, because not all blogs will offer the giveaway, but you have the ability to win at each site.