HTSURFYBS-Lesson 01: How To Create An Account on Rafflecopter And/Or Sign In To Your Account.

Are you excited, we are making our very first giveaway… Very Cool!!

You Can Do It!!

If you haven’t already done so, create a loginRafflecopter 1

If your already a member, click on “Log In” instead and skip the next two images.

2015-0824-2146 Image 002

Pick your plan

Rafflecopter 3

Fill In your info

Click Open Sesame and Welcome to the Rafflecopter Family.

2015-0824-2147 Image 001If your already a member, Click the Login link instead

Fill in your email and password then click on “Let Me In”.

Rafflecopter 11


You have now arrived at your Dashboard.

On To Lesson 02 – Create A Giveaway

Full Lesson Index

Lesson 00: How To Set Up Rafflecopter For Your Blog Sweepstakes Intro
Lesson 01
: How To Create A Account on Rafflecopter And/Or Sign In To Your Account.
Lesson 02: Create A Giveaway
Lesson 03: Terms & Conditions
Lesson 04: Options For People Can Enter By
Lesson 05: Scheduling Your Giveaway
Lesson 06: Preview & Install Part 01 – Previewing
Lesson 07: Preview and Install Part 02 – Embedding
Lesson 08: Add The Code To Your Blog
Lesson 09: Add The Code To Blogger
Lesson 10: Add The Code To WordPress
Lesson 11: How To Look At Entries
Lesson 12: Tips For Rafflecopter Giveaways
Lesson 13: How To Enter A Rafflecopter Giveaway

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