HTSURFYBS-Lesson 10: Add The Code To WordPress

I’m going to add here that and are two different scripts to tackle..  If you are using for your blog, please go to the tutorial here instead.

Test Code For Adding Rafflecopter To Your Blogs.

You’ve opened your “post page” or your “pages page” for your giveaway post,

Rafflecopter 66

so let’s get started.

Your page should already be written, we just want to add the code.

Rafflecopter 67

This is a “real” Test Giveaway, Give it A Try

Rafflecopter 68

Click on the “Text” tab in the right side of the editor box.

Rafflecopter 69

You’ll see all the gobbledy gook stuff that’s normally called HTML Source Code.

Rafflecopter 70

Scroll to the bottom of your post or where you want to place the giveaway script.

When you get to that point, if your careful, you can enter some spacing between where you want the code.

Place your mouse cursor into the area where you want to paste it.

Rafflecopter 71

Paste your code.

If you have copied something else in the meantime, aren’t you glad now that you put it in that notepad file? If you have, press CTRL+Z to delete what you just added, or hilight it and press DEL on your keyboard to delete it. Open the notepad file from either where you saved it, or from your taskbar (I always leave mine open till I use it, and I don’t save it as a file) Press Ctrl+A or go to your Edit Menu and Click on Select All (usually a right click menu will also have this option) and then press CTRL+C or use the menus to copy the text. Then go to your window and paste it into place.

Their is no need to change your spaces, that will happen when you go to update the page.

 Rafflecopter 74

Do NOT update your page/post prior to going back to the Visual tab. it could cause your script to not work, or to show up properly on the published page/post.

Rafflecopter 75

If when you click the Visual tab and your link is off center, place your mouse in before the “a Rafflecopter giveaway” link,

Rafflecopter 76

and go to the Align Icons and click the middle icon if your centering it on your page.

Rafflecopter 72

You are now ready to go,

Rafflecopter 77

Click on “Preview Changes” button and a new tab/page will appear for you to check how it looks.

Rafflecopter 73

If you are satisfied with how it looks, you can then schedule or publish your post.

You can always edit any changes you wish to make.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully added the code for your giveaway.

No Actual Prize, just some fun and ability to show you how it works!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

On To Lesson 11 – How To Look At Entries

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Lesson 01
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Lesson 05: Scheduling Your Giveaway
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