HTSURFYBS-Lesson 04: Options For People Can Enter By

Setting up your options is Easy!!

Move over to the section that says People can enter by…

Rafflecopter 12

Click on + Add An Entry Option

Rafflecopter 23

A small popup menu appears. (Browser dependant)


Rafflecopter 23

Click on Invent Your Own.

You could use some of the other options, but, I don’t know how well these options work. I have never known myself whether I was entered into a giveaway or not. I prefer to create my own question and let people give it an answer. This also works well for Canadians who have to answer a question in order to enter. 

Some of the above options are only allowed for those users who pay for the service, so not all are available as free options for you to use.

Rafflecopter 25


The above popup box will appear.

Rafflecopter 24

I’m going to list these in order of the number of the arrows:

  1. Fill in the Title Of the entry. This is a title only, it will not appear on the entry on your blog.
  2. Fill in a description of what you want people to do.
  3. Add the Question you wish to pose to your entrants.
  4. If you wish to allow entrants to enter daily, click this option.
  5. If you want this question to be a requirement, check this option.
  6. While no arrow appears here, the next thing you will do is click the “Save This Option” button.

Try to keep your questions simple.

Example Questions, What’s the average seam allowance a quilter uses for piecing a quilt. (Answer: 1/4-inch)

What is the name of a basic block that has 9 squares in it?
(Answer: 9 patch)

What is the angle traditionally used when mitering for borders and binding strips? (Choices 45 degrees or 60 degrees)
(Answer: 45 degrees)

Next, we need to schedule our post:

Rafflecopter 26

The last section you will fill out is the scheduling section.

On To Lesson 05 – Scheduling Your Giveaway

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