HTSURFYBS-Lesson 06: Preview and Install Part 01

Part 01 covers only the preview part of Preview and Install. Part 02 will cover the Embedding of the code.


Rafflecopter 32

.Click Preview & Install and it takes you to the next page..

Rafflecopter 33

where you will find the html source code you need to add to your blog

Rafflecopter 35

and by scrolling to below the html source code, the Preview for your blog.

Rafflecopter 36 To see how the options look, click on the button to see all options.

Rafflecopter 37

What you don’t see is the first window that shows you it asking if you want to login via facebook or to the entry. The entry isn’t a login really to anything, what it is doing is recording the name and email address of the entrant.

Rafflecopter 38

So, your going to see your description and your question. Take a close look at this, is this how you want it to “read”, in other words, try to see it from an entrants point of view, will they understand?

Rafflecopter 49

If not, you can edit by scrolling up and going back to the “Setup” tab

Rafflecopter 50

Clicking on the “People can enter by…” question or entry that you need to change.

Once your done, you can then click back on Installation or scroll to the bottom and click Preview and Install.

Have a look to see if your changes took effect.

Once your satisfied,

Rafflecopter 39

you can then choose to change the background frame of your script by clicking on “Change Preview Background”. Choose a color, then click on Choose.

Rafflecopter 40

You will see the change immediately.

This is a nice option to the script because it allows you to distinguish different giveaways you may have running on the same post.

On To Lesson 07 – Preview and Install Part 02

Full Lesson Index

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Lesson 01
: How To Create A Account on Rafflecopter And/Or Sign In To Your Account.
Lesson 02: Create A Giveaway
Lesson 03: Terms & Conditions
Lesson 04: Options For People Can Enter By
Lesson 05: Scheduling Your Giveaway
Lesson 06: Preview & Install Part 01 – Previewing
Lesson 07: Preview and Install Part 02 – Embedding
Lesson 08: Add The Code To Your Blog
Lesson 09: Add The Code To Blogger
Lesson 10: Add The Code To WordPress
Lesson 11: How To Look At Entries
Lesson 12: Tips For Rafflecopter Giveaways
Lesson 13: How To Enter A Rafflecopter Giveaway

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