HTSURFYBS-Lesson 09: Add The Code To Blogger

Add The Code To Blogger

You’ve opened the post page from you list, now lets get started.

Test Code For Adding Rafflecopter To Your Blogs.

Once you open your post,

Rafflecopter 139

Click the HTML button on the right side of your post page next to Compose.

Rafflecopter 56

You’ll see all the gobbledy gook stuff that’s normally called HTML Source Code.

Rafflecopter 58

Place your mouse at the bottom past the last </div> and press enter.

Where your mouse is, now paste your code into place. If you have copied something else in the meantime, aren’t you glad now that you put it in that notepad file? If you have, press CTRL+Z to delete what you just added, or hilight it and press DEL on your keyboard to delete it. Open the notepad file from either where you saved it, or from your taskbar (I always leave mine open till I use it, and I don’t save it as a file) Press Ctrl+A or go to your Edit Menu and Click on Select All (usually a right click menu will also have this option) and then press CTRL+C or use the menus to copy the text. Then go to your window and paste it into place.

Rafflecopter 59

Now click on the “Compose” button.

Rafflecopter 60

The Rafflecopter link for your script will appear to the very left of your post.

Rafflecopter 61

If you wish to “Center” the box in your page, place your mouse in before the “a Rafflecopter giveaway” link,

Rafflecopter 62

and go to the Align Icon and click on the down arrow. Click the second icon

Rafflecopter 63

 and watch as it centers your link right away.

Rafflecopter 64In the upper right section, click on Preview

Rafflecopter 65

You can now see your post as it will look to others who visit you.

 If your happy with it and don’t need to make any changes, you can now schedule your post or publish it depending on what your ready to do at this point with the post. 

Congratulations, you’ve successfully added the code for your giveaway.

This is a “real” Test Giveaway, Give it A Try

No Actual Prize, just some fun and ability to show you how it works!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

On To Lesson 10 – Add The Code To WordPress

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Lesson 01
: How To Create A Account on Rafflecopter And/Or Sign In To Your Account.
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Lesson 04: Options For People Can Enter By
Lesson 05: Scheduling Your Giveaway
Lesson 06: Preview & Install Part 01 – Previewing
Lesson 07: Preview and Install Part 02 – Embedding
Lesson 08: Add The Code To Your Blog
Lesson 09: Add The Code To Blogger
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