Fabric Folded Hexagon

Owl KlutchThe eyes in this Owl Klutch are created using this technique shown below. Fabric folding has been something I’ve loved to do for years. It’s a fascination really with my love of the technique with paper known as Origami. I have been fascinated with Origami ever since I saw it images of it early in my first internet years. As I got more into dimensional creations, I began looking for ways to incorporate origami using fabric instead of paper. I’ve never been able to work out some of the wonderful shapes that other authors have done with origami in fabric, but I have purchased literally every book I could get my hands on with the technique of using fabric in origami shapes. This technique is fairly common and I’m pretty sure their are probably other techniques on the web that might explain it better or are somewhat like mine. However, because I created this Owl Klutch in the image above, I decided to post my how I do it on my blog as well since I am also doing a tips for creating the Klutch as well. The Klutch actually uses yoyo’s in the eyes, but yoyo’s and me have never agreed with each other, so I decided to do hexagons instead. First, you can start with any size circle you like. When I do mine I use the technique in which you stitch 2 right sides together and then turn them inside out.

Owl Klutch 1

After you turn the circle(s) inside out, work out the curves (please be sure you place some slits into the curves before you turn it inside out), stitch it closed and then iron it flat.

Next fold the circle into 4 halves and iron at the middle point. I do not iron the whole thing, I just need that center point of the circle.

Fold one side to the point where it’s at the center.

Owl Klutch 2

You can iron as you go, but it’s easier to just hold your fabric in place with your fingers. I’ve used my scissors here to hold it in place so I could take a picture.

Owl Klutch 3

It doesn’t matter here whether you work in a clockwise or counter-clockwise position, just continue to fold each at each 1/4 section of the circle.

Owl Klutch 4

It should be shaping up like the images you see above and below.

Owl Klutch 5

When you get to this last point, make sure you have a “Point”. It’s easy to have it look like it does in the above image, so shape it to the point where you have a point.

Owl Klutch 6

Once you are finished, use a needle and thread and just stitch it down enough in place trying to keep your threads hidden.

For me, because I was placing this on the owl, I used buttons to stitch it down with.

I then blindstitched it onto the flap of the kluth with my machine.

You can see some tips for creating the Klutch here.




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