Freezer Paper Tip

Do you remove your freezer paper from your shapes? I try to remove most of them. Recently I was watching a video on youtube about Freezer paper applique, and I wondered why she was pulling her freezer paper out via a turned piece of fabric. It occurred to me that if she just put a little cut in her freezer paper, she could easily put her “Purple thang” in and help her pull the freezer paper out that way. So I tried it and it worked perfectly.. So I thought I’d share that little tip with you. She pulls her out prior to appliqueing the shape onto the fabric, but I am not confident enough to do that, I prefer to make the little slit in my background and do it that way. When I tried it with it stitched down to a little test block it worked great. I took a picture of the freezer paper cut, but forgot to take one of the block I made it on and now I can’t find the block.. :/ So here is what I mean..

Freezer Paper Tip

See the little triangle in the middle, that’s my little cut in the middle, I then ironed it onto the fabric, turned my fabric, stitched it on, and was able to slit the background, and pull my bodkin into the triangle and work the applique paper out without to much hassle. I used a bodkin, she used the purple thang which I do own one, I just use my bodkin all the time and it was handy.



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