Twas The Night B19 and B20 Are Released… Nifty Novelties Winners Announced…

TTNBC B20You know, I’m not a fan of posting on weekends, but because I want to get the TTNBC blocks out to you, I’m posting today. So it’s that time again for the next block release… I forgot how long these take me to finish once they come back from the tester, but I am still determined to finish them by the end of the year and hopefully before that. Don’t be surprised if I release a set during 12 Days as I want to finish them.

Block 19 and Block 20 were uploaded this weekend to my Payhip shop. There is a coupon code for Block 19 for you to get the discount I normally give on the first of the two blocks.

I also have in this post the winners for Nifty Novelties. I totally forgot about getting these drawn, so I have also got this done and fully expect to mail by next Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

All Flickr rewards for Sunbonnet Sue are also caught up at the moment. You still have time to turn in Sue In Indiana to get Sam in Indiana free. November 17, 2019, is that deadline date. I expect to release Florida on Wednesday this week. I’ll be out of town on Monday and Tuesday, so I can’t release before that time.

Click the images to visit those pages on Payhip.
To Purchase Block 19 at the 25% discount, use coupon code: TTNBCB1925off
Be sure you “type or paste” it exactly as it’s shown.

I also released the other two pumpkins from Halloween in case you’d like a few more.

These use a new feature at Payhip that allows you a 20% off a purchase when you buy additional blocks, I thought I’d give this a tryout and see how it worked out. You do need to check out to see the cross-sell feature, and once you do a little popup will appear on your browser window allowing you to add those items also to your cart. This eliminates the need also for me to add a separate product, which I can see myself doing more of in the future for other patterns and may do it for previous patterns.

Click the images to visit those pages on Payhip.

and now the winners of Nifty Novelties

These are Timeless Treasures Bundles

Dixie M
Nancy C
Kathleen M
Susan K
Susan S
Jennifer W
Susan R
Patricia = (bounced for Spam, please contact me)
I will redraw Monday if I don’t hear from you.

All winners have been notified
The shipping cost is 4.00 per winner.
The amount may slightly vary due to the weight of the package.
I do not charge anything other than the cost of shipping, Envelopes are provided freely.
You will receive an invoice which also includes the Paypal fee.
(I hate that they charge a Paypal fee for shipping, but there’s no way around it)
All bundles will ship via First Class mail.
The tracking number will be provided via an email to you or by writing to me and asking for it.

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8 thoughts on “Twas The Night B19 and B20 Are Released… Nifty Novelties Winners Announced…

  1. I am a lucky winner of one of the Nifty Novelties bundles! I am looking forward to receiving my fabric :). I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog hops and appreciate all the talent and hard work that goes into creating such beautiful patterns. a big THANK YOU!!

  2. I am one of the lucky winners, Thank you so much for drawing my name for the the bundle of fabric!! Always enjoy your projects .

  3. I’m so excited to have been drawn as one of the winners of the Nifty Novelties bundles!!! I love your blog hops…so many creative ideas to be had at each and every one of the blog hops. Eye candy galore!!

  4. I am Debbie and (almost) never win anything so you can imagine my excitement when I got a message from Marian that I was a winner.
    Marian your projects are always fun and worthwhile – but today this ole lady is doing a happy dance…

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