Twas The Night Before Christmas Block 02 Released!!

stbs-2017 B2-not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse-small

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…. is the theme of this block for the Twas the Night before Christmas BOTM.

I think most people remember this line as one of the most famous lines from the story, it is one of my favorites in the story and I always picture that little mouse peeking out of it’s cubby hole in the wall.

This block has a lot of embroidery in it, it is one of the reasons it has taken me so long to finish it. Block 3 which is suppose to be the February release should be ready in the next few days, these first two blocks had more embroidery in them than the future blocks do.

This block also features two fireplace options:

To Purchase Block 02
Click either image.
The images show the two different fireplace side options.

Block 3 is also has a fireplace in it, but no 2nd choice option will be available as I look at it as a second fireplace in the house.. 🙂 You could always do the embroidery if you chose to, but it will have the original poles in the pattern.

Block 2 is available free to you if you upload your finished block by March 18, 2017 to the Flickr group for Twas The Night Before Christmas BOTM. You will then need to purchase Block 3 in order to gain Block 4 as the free reward block.

Coming asap…. (Hopefully in the next few days)

Have you finished block 1? Uploaded it to Flickr? Feel free to request your block 02 here

Important Links For Twas The Night Before Christmas:

Flickr Group
Request Free Block
Seams To Be Sew Help Group (Facebook)
Seams To Be Sew Group (Yahoo) –brand new, you could be the first to join it.
PInterest Group

In other news… Terial Arts has generously offered 12 of their 24 oz bottles of Terial Magic as a giveaway during Quilt Qwazy Queens next month. I am very excited by this, this is a very generous giveaway with each bottle costing on the average of 15-20.00 each. I love this magic liquid… it’s wonderful and I know if you haven’t tried it, and you should win it, you to will fall in love with it too.

If you haven’t received all your blocks for Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Travel the World, the deadline to request them is approaching. February 28 is right around the corner. To my knowledge, with a few exceptions, these are all caught up. I will be finishing up all Flickr rewards today, so if you don’t have a coupon code by tomorrow, please resubmit it.

Cya Monday with Sue and Sam in Arkansas being released…


4 thoughts on “Twas The Night Before Christmas Block 02 Released!!

  1. Hi Marian,
    I haven’t received the rest of my flickr rewards for the Sunbonnets of the World either.
    I requested them in December.

  2. Hi,

    I am hesitant to make a request again for block 2 of the Twas the Night. I don’t want to inundate you. I did however, upload my block to the Flickr group. Sorry, couldn’t figure out how to rotate it so I guess – look sideways. 🙂 I also uploaded Hawaii, Montana, Arizona and Quebec.


  3. I guess I’m doing something wrong when I post the blocks for still haven’t got the 4 sue and 4 Sam that was first posted Dec. Also put in Hawaii and Montana and didn’t get them either. I will post the Xmas one when I find out what I’m doing wrong. I feel like I am always bothering you on this but am completely baffled. I checked Span but do get your answer to my questions.


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