Twas The Night Before Christmas Block 6 Released… & Flickr Reward Change…

Twas The Night Before Christmas Block 6If you are a member of my Facebook groups you got a message yesterday that stated I’d uploaded this block to Craftsy yesterday. I am happy to tell you today that this block has been uploaded and all Flickr rewards have been sent for it. I can’t wait to see your finished block.

However, with the start of this post, from now on I have to insist that if I end up writing you asking you to put the block into the Flickr group, your reward will be ignored until it is in the group… If it ends up being past the deadline for the turn in, I will not honor the reward. The guidelines have always stated that these blocks need to be added to the groups on Flickr, and they aren’t being added. I’m not saying everyone isn’t getting it done, but today when honoring Flickr rewards, I sent more emails than ever to add the blocks to the groups and I will still honor those rewards for the previous blocks thru Sue In Connecticut. After that, no longer. Since Sue In Manitoba isn’t due until September 27, it is part of today’s decision to get those blocks into the groups.

It is a lot of work for me to create the coupon code for you, then find out you have only uploaded it to your Flickr account. If you upload the day before the deadline, you can’t expect me to honor it if you haven’t followed all the guidelines and it’s always been a part of the guidelines that those blocks be shared to the Flickr groups for Twas The Night Before Christmas, and Sunbonnet Sue and Sam. 

So please. Double Check, when you’re filling out that Flickr form if it doesn’t show on the image page of the block, it’s not in the group…

These are examples of how that should look:

stbs-Flickr Groups3

If I don’t have the correct url, I have to try and track the block, that is why I ask you to please add it to the group. I can find them easier, and get the reward done faster. Half of my time is spent trying to track down reward pictures because they aren’t getting added to the group. 

I have a tutorial on my site here for how to do this. You can add these images as soon as you upload your image, please have a look at it, and remember, every single post about these block of the months also contains a link to the groups.

Now, let’s get to Block 6 of Twas The Night Before Christmas. This is the Flickr Reward block for Block 5. If you’ve haven’t finished Block, you still have until the 20th of September to finish it and get it uploaded to the Flickr group.

If you already turned in your Flickr form for these blocks, they have been sent so check your junk folder if you didn’t receive the email, please.

Click To Purchase At CraftsyTwas The Night Before Christmas Block 6


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Cya Tomorrow for the Christmas Caroling Row Along, more blogs, great giveaways, free patterns, Tons of Inspiration and Ideas… 


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  1. Susan says:

    I like Pa in his cap!

  2. QuiltShopGal says:

    What an amazing design. Such detail. Total #CreativeGoodness


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