Twas The Night Before Starts & Arrives Today…

TwasthenightbuttonIt’s that time here again at Seams To Be Sew.. Welcome To Twas The Night Blog Hop, brought to us by Sew We Quilt and our cheerleader for this hop is Marlene. I can’t possibly imagine all the work Marlene had herself in for with this hop. Coordinating all those regions of the world, and making sure gifts would arrive in a timely fashion, but she did it with ease and finesse and was brilliant in her timely arrival of all emails. I loved how she checked in with us to be sure we’d sent and our packages had arrived as well. Just a huge amount of work, you were amazing Marlene. Thank you!! Lately, I have been doing more machine embroidery, as you can tell with my recent projects I’ve posted on my blog. I did the same for Wendy who was my person to send to. I enjoyed creating the items I sent her and My theme for what I sent, which I forgot to tell her was “My Favorite Things” and at Christmas, I definitely have some favorites of that time of the year. I hope you will stop by to see how she has displayed them.. WOW, she made them look far more beautiful than I did. They are also shown with credits at the bottom of this post. The person who sent me a gift was Marlene. Marlene sent me three projects, a beautiful tote bag, a zippered pouch, and a fabric box. DSCN1622

The three items all use the same fabric. I love this color of fabric, it’s vibrant and just speaks to me as to say, Use me, Use Me, I wanna be liked.. :o) hehe

All items are lined and the zippered pouch uses a technique I’ve never seen done before in a pouch with the zipper right at the top, and hidden like an invisible zipper does. I tried to capture this in the images, but had a difficult time doing so.


I think you can see what I mean better in this image above.


The fabric box shown above has an interesting technique also. I don’t remember if the original boxes I did earlier this year that were something like this had the tackdown, but Marlene has used a tack down stitch by hand onto the lining and fleece to allow the triangled flaps you would normally have inside the box just hangin about to be out of the way. I think it also helps to shape the box a bit more also. She had placed them so the  each corner of the triangle is one to each side of the box.


same image, no red arrows I’m hoping you can see how the triangle flaps here lay in the box.

As to what I’ve been up to… I made quite a few different items that had to be shipped out and I totally forgot to take pictures of them, so with my main embroidery machine down and leaving myself to just my Viking, I made a bag. I literally make all my “wrapping” for gifts today via fabric gift bags. I know, it seems like I really limited myself to the possibilities with what I could make, and while I know I can make projects on a normal sewing machine, my head just wasn’t in it to do it for some reason and I had to come up with something quick to show for the blog hop today. So, I made a bag.


I make bags of all sizes and thoroughly enjoy doing it. A bag can be made in as little as ten minutes, or can take as long as an hour, just by what you do to it.

 I’ve made a little tutorial on making quick bags and the different ideas one can incorporate when making them here.

I sent Wendy the following items:


I apologize for the blurriness of this photo, I just didn’t get a better image.

The gift tag is a design from Advanced Embroidery – by far and away one of my most favorite embroidery sites.

Their free standing lace designs sew out like a dream.

DSCN1544The Nativity Box, snowflake ornament cover and the gift bag are from Advanced Embroidery.

The basket, bell and nativity ornament are from S-Embroidery, another FSL site which I really love to shop at.

The Poinsettia TeaLight is from Ko-Design and while I have not purchased many designs from Ko, I really love their stitchouts also.

All of the projects I made for Wendy were created within a 36 hour time period. Just over a day, but the tealight takes quite a bit of time to stitch out as for me it had over 50,000 stitches for each cover, and you have to stitch 2 covers for the tealight.

The schedule for this hop is:

Today-Tuesday, Nov. 18
How Art You?
Wed. Nov 19th

Thurs, Nov. 20
Pickles Quilting
Cate’s Linens

Fri.Nov 21
Sew We Quilt

Have a great time, I know this is one I won’t miss seeing.


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67 Responses to Twas The Night Before Starts & Arrives Today…

  1. AvatarMichele says:

    Wow. Those items are all just so beautiful.

  2. AvatarDeonn says:

    Marian these are terrific gift ideas. Love the tote, and a friend of mine made a little fabric box for me too. ♥. Thanks for sharing the tutorial of your cute gift bags – great in a pinch. And those lace creations are lovely!

  3. Avatarapple blossom says:

    beautiful work on the projects

  4. Such fantastic surprises in your box… We all can use totes.. lots and lots of totes. I take them to the post office, to sew ins, and when we travel, they are great for organizing things you take with you.

    Your lace projects are really pretty. Thank you for sharing them with us today.

  5. AvatarLana says:

    I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss commenting on this one!!! THOSE LACE projects are TO DIE FOR!!!!! You are just so creative!

  6. AvatarLJ says:

    It’s wonderful that you are making your own fabric gift wrapping…I try to do just one every year and that seems like a big commitment!! The gifts from Marlene are wonderful; I, too, love that fabric and love, love “Mend and Make Do”! The embroidered lace is gorgeous. Well done.

  7. AvatarLeah says:

    I have started wrapping my gifts in fabric bags. It makes great packaging. Yours is beautiful. Love the goodies from Marlene as well and those ornaments, just fabulous!

  8. Those lace ornies and decorations are amazing!! Very nice work:)

  9. AvatarElli Molstad says:

    I like your embroidered lace work. They are really beautiful.

  10. AvatarTheresa says:

    Great bags. I’ve never made a bag but have always wanted too.

  11. AvatarRanch Wife says:

    What a sweet package you received from Marlene! I love gifts that are both practical and pretty and you certainly made some pretty lace projects for your lucky giftee! 🙂

  12. Avatarcindy says:

    Marlene sent some lovely gifts. Fun.
    Making bags for gift wrap is such a good idea….and a great way to use up stash! 🙂

  13. Wow, you do some amazing embroidery work. They are beautiful! And Marlene was a good santa or you were a good girl! (wink, wink)

  14. AvatarJan says:

    You received some great gifts from Marlene. The lace items are very pretty. I especially love the bell.

  15. Wow your lace embroidery gifts are sew beautiful. I cannot imagine the amount of thread and time they take. Wonderful gifts. Thank you sew very much for sharing and hopping. Creative T’was the Night Bliss…

  16. AvatarCeLynn says:

    Oh my those are the most beautiful lace/embroidery creations and the nightlight,just gorgeous!

    Lovely gifts from Marlene,that little box/basket is perfect!

  17. AvatarMary W says:

    Wow, Wonderful gifts you received and you sent. I love the fabric used in your tote, zipper bag and box. so cute. The designs you made are amazing. Great ideas.

  18. Those standing lace creations are just beautiful! And what a wonderful package you received from Marlene! Merry Christmas!

  19. Avatarevelyn says:

    Great gifts from Marlene.
    Love your lace and embroidery work.

  20. AvatarQuilting Tangent says:

    Cute bags and lace projects.

  21. Making all your gift bags is such a great idea!

  22. Avatarbobbie says:

    I love the bags and your embroidery is beautiful

  23. AvatarKathy h says:

    Beautiful lace work.

  24. AvatarBrittany at Pickles Quilting says:

    The gifts you received are beautiful! And your lace creations are so fun! Nice work!

  25. Avatarcarla bynum says:

    Hi!!!!! Wow!!!!! Those are beautiful!!!! You are very talented!!!! Thank You

  26. Avatarjanita says:

    Thanks for sharing your special treats. If I am giving a christmas ornament to someone I like to make a little fabric bag for the ornament. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. Janita

  27. AvatarJane says:

    Oh, your lacy items are adorable. Such neat work you do. I also like your bags.

  28. AvatarCorrie says:

    Marian, those lace items are amazing. How pretty. What a fun hop for all!

  29. Avatarpatty says:

    You were treated well – lovely gifts!

  30. AvatarJoyce Carter says:

    Your embroideries are just beautiful, Marian. I really love the bag, too. It is a great way to give a gift to someone. It is really giving two gifts in one. Thank you for sharing all your projects today.

  31. AvatarColette says:

    Very pretty, love your embroideries.

  32. AvatarWendy says:

    Truly wonderful gifts Marian … lovely each and every one! Thank you so much and know they are appreciated! Best wishes to you for a fantastic week!

  33. AvatarJuliaP says:

    Great projects that you sent, very lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  34. AvatarCarla says:

    Great ideas here, for sure. You certainly created some unique gifts. Love your little gift bag. Marlene does wonderful work and I love the fabric she used on her gifts to you.

  35. AvatarJoan says:

    Wow, what wonderful treasures you received from Marlene. I absolutely love those fabrics too! I especially love how they all match! Beautiful embroideries you have done. I really need to get my embroidery machine out more often!

  36. AvatarJeanie says:

    Great gifts from Marlene! I know you will enjoy using them and thinking of her thoughtfulness.

  37. Gorgeous! What great gifts!!

  38. AvatarNancy says:

    Lovely ideas Marian!! Your Gifts To and From are absolutely Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing all the Wonderful ideas with us today!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  39. AvatarMary says:

    The gifts you sent and received are all lovely. The freestanding embroidery looks wonderful.

  40. AvatarBente says:

    Wo you have been very lucky, wonderful gifts you recived from Marlene. Thanks for sharing your ideas too, great!

  41. Avatartonia conner says:

    I thought the lace projects were beautiful, and liked the fabric gift bags. Great scrap buster.

  42. Nice ideas and beautiful gifts 🙂

  43. AvatarCarolyn says:

    Lovely projects, your bell is very popular and beautiful.

  44. AvatarCarolyn says:

    Lovely gifts from Marlene. Beautiful projects.

  45. AvatarCarol says:

    Marlene’s pretty amazing and really created some lovely treasures for you…sweet! Lucky Wendy to receive those beautiful lacy creations!

  46. AvatarPat says:

    Lucky you to receive Marlene’s fabric blessings. Sew pretty.

    Adorable gifts. Your work is so delicate. The tea light is amazing.
    Thanks for sharing … 🙂 Pat

  47. AvatarBarbCarol says:

    Marlene gifted you with real style. Can’t believe all the stitches it took to create the gifts for Wendy. And, fabric gift bags are a great idea.

  48. AvatarMary Ann says:

    What lovely gifts you received from Marlene. She picked a wonderfully fun fabric. Love all the gifts you made and your idea for making gift bags. I will have to do that, at least a few. 😉 Enjoy your holidays.

  49. AvatarMarlene says:

    Marian thanks so much for the reminder that I can make my gift bags and not buy them! I pulled out my box of Christmas fabrics this week and thought …what in the world am I doing with so many? Bags will be perfect for using some of that up! blessings, marlene

  50. AvatarJudy says:

    Waoh, you really were very busy and your embroidery is beautiful! Marlene sent you beautiful things and the fabrics use are just Waoh!!!

  51. AvatarDorian says:

    What beautiful gifts you received and made!

  52. AvatarCathy says:

    Your gifts from Marlene are just gorgeous! Thank you for the gift ideas!

  53. AvatarElizabeth says:

    Thanks for sharing all the projects and ideas, and enjoy the lovely gifts your received!

  54. AvatarMdm Samm says:

    Good Day Marian….lovely gifts you made for Wendy..and your bag is scrumptiously sweet…..

  55. Avatarcharlotte m. says:

    Such lovely gifts from Marlene. Pretty and practical. I love a good fabric pouch for gifting small items and your lace things are beautiful.

  56. AvatarVickie says:

    What awesome gifts from Marlene….love that fabric !! Those CUTE bags for gift wrapping is such a good idea Marian !

  57. AvatarShari says:

    I’m with you…I love the fabric Marlene chose…such a useful gift (aren’t those just the best). Such beautiful lace projects…had no idea these were done on a sewing machine…that bell is just darling! Very pretty!

  58. AvatarGeta Grama says:

    Love how Marlene spoiled you with those pretty assorted gifts – you will use them all the time. I love your pretty bag in Christmas fabric.

  59. AvatarAnita says:

    Lovely fabric bags. Thanks for sharing.

  60. AvatarPauline says:

    Fabric bags are a great idea. Hope your embroidery machine is back up and running soon. Thanks for sharing!! Happy Holidays

  61. AvatarKatherine says:

    Wow. Those are amazing! I think I’d have to make some of these to keep, not just to give away. Thanks for the great gift ideas!

    Enjoy those lovely treats from Marlene.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  62. AvatarHeatherK says:

    I would never had guessed those things you made for Marlene were done on a sewing machine. Amazing (for me anyway.) I’ve also started making fabric wrappings that can be used over and over again for many different things. Thank you for sharing today. Merry Christmas!

  63. AvatarSharon says:

    I like to use fabric bags for wrapping gifts too

  64. AvatarAmy says:

    I love the nativity and those pretty snowflakes. Marlene sent you some pretty presents. Have a happy holiday season!

  65. AvatarCori says:

    Great projects….THAT BELL….. Oh my, I want it!!! Love the gift you received from Marlene, perfect for carrying all your quilty holiday projects around. Merry Christmas! ~Cori

  66. AvatarCori says:

    Great projects… THAT BELL… I want it!!! Love the gift you received, it is just perfect for carrying all that quilty goodness around for holiday stitching! Merry Christmas! Cori

  67. AvatarJudy B says:

    I love the idea of fabric bags! Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays!!!!

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